First Huracán Ever Heading For Costa Rica


What are the odds? Costa Rica has never been hit by a hurricane in it’s history and guess where I am?!?!? I was going to drive to Nicaragua on Thursday because I need to leave the country to get my visa passport re stamped but that would put me directly in the middle of Otto. The Caribbean side is expected to get the brunt of it but we are expecting high winds and rains nonetheless. Pretty sure I’m going to wait until Friday or Saturday now but in any event it should be an adventure. Updates to follow.


Columbian “Ice Cream ” 

There’s a guy that sells a Columbian kind of ice cream. My new amigas Liz and Jezebel and myself tried it out and it was delicious. It had shaved ice, ice cream, banana, pineapple and some kind of finely grated mild chocolate on top. Then you pour this creamy sweet milk sauce on top. Pretty tasty!

Funny story….. I was practicing my Español with a man that came in the store that was from Mexico. I was telling him about all the whales I saw when I was there. The Spanish word for whale is ballena pronounced by yea.  I was pronouncing it ba hena. Pronunciation is extremely important because the way I was pronouncing it I was telling him there were vaginas all over the place because the pronunciation for vaginas is ba hena. His eyes got really big and the girls just busted out laughing. Learning a new language can be very interesting and fun.