Sailing in the rain

Things are really starting to progress now!  Sold, gave way, Goodwilled or hauled to the dump all of my possessions that aren’t going on the journey.  Moved on the boat permanently Thurs, 8/27.  On Friday morning I started my ASA 104 class which is called Bareboat Charter. This certification allows you to charter boats in locations all around the world without actually having to buy a sailboat.  The bad thing is that I still haven’t had a chance to get all my stuff stowed away and with having to constantly work at being organized albeit not always successfully I’m extremely discombobulated because everything is in boxes, some of it I’ve stowed in the numerous hidden storage spaces available and I can’t remember where I put everything now!!!

Our plans for the class were to spend the first night at Martin Island and the second night at Walker Island with lunch at El Tapatito. We spent a windy night at Martin Island but the next morning it was blowing stink with 41 mph gusts being reported at Longview so the owner made us abort our plans and head back towards Portland.  We went into Multnomah Channel and spent the night on Coon Island.  Looks like a great place to camp with really nice well maintained facilities.

The next morning we got up cooked breakfast and put the boat in order.  When we went to start the engine the batteries were dead.  There was another boat moored but they didn’t have any jumper cables or a spare battery so we had to call for a jump from Boat.US.  The guy came out with this small 18,000 mAh jumping unit called a WeeGo.  Pretty impressive emergency backup power that you can use for jump starts or for powering electrical devices.

After getting the engine started we cast off with yours truly driving.  I eased the boat out and had to make a turn to port but there was another boat coming and I eased off the throttle.  After the other boat went by I increased power and nothing happened. We weren’t going anywhere.  I tried shifting reverse back to forward several times but nothing was happening.  The current and wind were starting to catch us and we were drifting towards rocks and pilings.  We threw the anchor out and after and after pursuing several leads our 83 year old instructor Captain Bob went into the stern berth and had to take the mattress off to get to the drive shaft which was the culprit.  All 4 bolts had come out!!! We were able to find all the bolts, washers and nuts and with really small crescent and only 1 14 mm wrench we bolted her back up and off we went again.  It was pretty uneventful with just a little bit of sailing in really light winds.  As you would figure in sailing there is either not enough wind or too much and this was the case this past weekend.

I’ll upload a video of the rain storm we went through on the way back when I find a decent internet connection.  Oh the woes of living aboard 😉

One thought on “Sailing in the rain

  1. Rhonda says:

    wow what an ordeal of many more to come!


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