Departing PDX Thursday AM

We’ll be leaving Portland around 9 am Thursday morning barring any unforseen issues, arriving at the Rainier marina about 3 pm plus/minus a couple of hours depending on wind and current.  Love to see as many of my friends as possible if you can make it over before I go!

Departure update

My best guess for departure is Wed the 30th or the 1st or 2nd at the latest.  It all depends on when my canvas and solar rack are complete. It will take 2 days to get from Portland to the mouth of the Columbia.  We will probably spend the night in Rainier and then head across the bar the next day. I’ll update as things get more ironed out.

Wanted to say thanks to my good friend Lou for helping me solve a highly technical problem on the boat that is already making my life better on a daily basis.  Love that guy!