My New Backyard


As you can see my view out the back door is a lot different!

Got to see some more good friends of old until I don’t know when. Really going to miss you guys! Happy as can be to be going, but how can I leave everyone and everything I’ve known for the last 36.5 years without feelings of loss. I can assure you I will not miss the long dark winters though!

Back to the journey! We’ll be departing Rainier on Sat @ 6:00 am and motor up the river to Astoria which will take about 8 hrs. We’ll spend the night in Astoria, top off water and fuel tanks and pick up any last minute supplies.  Sunday morning once the the tide and weather are appropriate we will head out across the mighty Colombia River Bar. 

I know gps tracking isn’t working but in my incapacitated state I’ll be working on it as we head down river.

Oh and don’t forget those unforseen obstacles!

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