Bodega Harbor Detour

Heading in to Bodega Harbor. Be there in about 7 hrs. After leaving Astoria we had good winds for about a day. Captain Skip had the boat running around 7 knts which is about top speed for Desiderata.  Unfortunately, we’ve struggled to find wind which is pretty unusual for this time of year out here. Consequently we’ve been motoring a lot more than we had hoped and are making a detour to Bodega Bay to take on fuel, water and Coke Zero and then we’ll head back out for the final leg.
Captain Skip has done a phenomenal job of getting the boat and crew dialed in. We’re rotating watch every 3 hrs so you have 6 hrs between shifts. I thought I got off of shift work?!?!  Overall the trip has been awesome. Cam and I suffered a little bit of sea sickness early on but with copious amounts of herbal supplements we have the situation well in hand. Saw whales coming over the bar and one of the coolest things to me has been when dolphins hear the boat you will see them make a direct line towards the boat and then they’ll swim along with the boat riding the bow wave for awhile and then off they’ll go until the next group. 
Another really interesting thing is the many different “faces” of the ocean.  You look in different directions and see different cloud patterns and lighting and each view looks unique and there are so many.
Think we’re going to get showered and shaved and rumour has it that there is a Joe’s Crab Shack locally that we’ll probably take in.
After a good nights rest we’ll head off in the morning for the final leg which will take about 36 hrs. 

4 thoughts on “Bodega Harbor Detour

  1. Rhonda says:

    Awesome you guys! Just sorry about no wind and I’m surprised also. Enjoy the shower and meal.


  2. Dawn says:

    I am Green with envy!!! but probably not as “green” as you all were during the first few hours.. Ha Ha Be safe and keep us updated 🙂


  3. lou says:

    good for you guys


  4. Mike Cornwell says:

    Keep up the copious amounts of freedom!


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