Last Sunset At Sea. Phase One Complete


Here’s a picture of our last sunset before arriving at Ventura West Marina on Monday morning at 1:10 am. Sorry about the poor quality the tablet doesnt have as good of a camera as my phone but its at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean somewhere………. It was a warm glorious evening but the winds died on us in the early afternoon and we had to motor sail the last 140 miles. There are so many more stars down here out on the ocean than in Longview its just mesmerizing and I could stare at the sky for hours. Either that or its because I can actually see the stars because there arent any clouds down here?!?!? More research to be do!
Pretty tricky coming into an unfamiliar harbor at night but Captain Skip guided us and Desiderata into slip A11with skill and finesse. Really tired so going to go grab the first real shower in 10 days and then come back to the boat and try to get used to sleeping on a vessel that isn’t  in constant motion heaving to and fro. I’ll be adding pictures and videos over the next few days.
Going to stay here long enough to get my solar system up and running a watermaker installed and numerous other items taken care of that were identified on the trip down. Probably stay here a little longer than expected into the middle of November and give my hip a chance to heal up a little more and then on to the Sea of Cortez which is the next port of call.
Thanks to everyone for all the comments and support. Stay tuned because this journey has only just begun. My biggest fear was that I wouldn’t like it or that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations but it turns out I love it in spite of being terrified a couple of times. I’ll explain in more detail in another post.  Even though I know I haven’t seen the worst of this lifestyle I also know I haven’t seen the best and I’m “chawing at the bit” to get to that next destination. Hope everyone is well. Warm regards!

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