Running In Building Seas

Wind and waves had been building steady all day and continued to do so throughout the night into the next morning which was when I got the ride of my life on my midnight to 3 am shift!  I can’t emphasize how much you pitch and roll in big seas like this.  I know I said in an earlier post that it’s like being on a slow boat to China but when the boat is flying along at 7-8 knots you feel like your flying.  Pretty fun stuff once you realize your not on the verge of dying at any moment!!! Our maximum speed was 9.2 knots and I was asleep during that run, but I was awake for a run where we were running along at 7.5 to 8.4 knots and in this instance with our point of sail and the smaller swell it was amazingly smooth.  As I said, it is amazing how many different faces the ocean can show you with just water, light, waves and wind as the key elements for an infinite range of panoramic views and conditions.

The boat performed like a champ which was one of my major concerns. The belt on the engine slipped once and we tightened it up without further issue and once it overheated when I was running it wide open.  Backed off to about 2400 rpm and she purred right along.

4 thoughts on “Running In Building Seas

  1. Bernie Lujan says:

    Sounds like you are having the time of your life. Keep up the good spirits.


  2. lou says:

    nice vids, thanks for sharing YF Lou


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