A Hallow Moon

A Hallow Moon

One thing I’m in constant awe of is how much I’ve missed seeing the night sky. More like actually seeing the sky so much more than I’m used to. For some reason I don’t think anyone here appreciates the incredible weather they have here quite as much as I do!

All is not good here in paradise though. They have only had 4″ of rain so far this year and been averaging just over 5″ a year the last several years.  It used to average about 10″- 15″ which isn’t a lot in the first place.

Another problem is that the real estate in the city is getting so expensive that the middle class can’t afford to live near by. A lot of people are solving the problem by buying a boat and living in the marina’s which by normal standards is high but it’s substantially cheaper than what any housing of moderate quality would cost. Same thing is happening in Portland and most other large cities across the country. Go Bernie 😉

I’m loving living on the boat myself but at the same time it’s not nearly as convenient or easy to get things done.  I’m using Uber for a lot of my transportation which has been a real blessing so far and much cheaper than a cab.  Not surprisingly thanks to Amazon I can have groceries shipped to me which is pretty handy.  I am aware that when I get down to where I want to go that getting things and what I get is going to change dramatically.  But I’m willing to give her a whirl.

Lot’s of boat work coming up in the next couple of weeks so I’ll try and get as much as I can documented. I can hear the waves crashing over on the beach and the full moon will soon be setting on the Pacific Ocean and I unfortunately will miss it because I will be fast asleep as I’ve kind of fallen into a regular routine of an 11 O clockish bedtime and any of my shift working brothers can only imagine what kind of heaven that is!!!  There is life after shift work!!!  Rise up against the mighty overlords!!! Night!! ⛵

4 thoughts on “A Hallow Moon

  1. Ken Bruce says:

    i can hear the old Marty railing against the impact Uber has on traditional cab drivers. Or at least it would have been a fun discussion.


  2. Ken Bruce says:



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