7 thoughts on “Manual Steering With A Fractured Hip And Pain Killers!!

  1. Rhonda says:

    That is a great picture of you! It really does capture your focus!


  2. Ken Bruce says:

    It’s good to see a picture of you. There’s been a theory floating around (mostly mine) that you aren’t even on the boat. That you’re still at home in Longview. Of course, with your computer skills, I’m analyzing this latest picture to see if you didn’t PhotoShop yourself in.


  3. Roi says:

    You look great… great as in you need a drool bucket, or you are about to throw up .I am not quite sure.

    Seriously, you were, and are THE model champion of safety. It is so good to see you are still rocking those Safety Glasses!!



    • friedfish says:

      So like you to notice my safety glasses as you were the one that turned me onto them in the first place. Thanks to the Pac for that last free pair!


  4. Brian Hewitt says:

    Where’s your safety harness? Great picture


    • friedfish says:

      It’s stowed away in some locker I’m sure… lol no I never went out of the cockpit so no worries! Cam and Skip used them religiously when they went out though as I will when I’m all by myself!


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