Sky High


How would you like this guys job!?!?!?  (Note the blue sky!) That’s Kim Weir and he is what’s known as a rigger.  He works on the lines for all the sails and  rigging that holds the mast up.  He also cleaned the underside of my radar and my spars (the two shorter pieces shooting back at an angle horizontally) which had Pacific Northwest mold or moss or whatever that stuff is growing all over the underside.  It was driving me nuts! He also permanently mounted my radar reflector (sailboats don’t show up on radar very good without them), replaced the jib halyard and the spinnaker halyard and he’s going to put a flag halyard up so I can fly some flags if the need arises! I didn’t know it but there is actually a flag for every letter of the alphabet.

Also this week work began on wiring up my solar system so I can have a smaller carbon foot print 😉  Actually so I can have power when I’m living on the hook. As is par for the course my new inverter is fried so have to get another one of those I’m also having an AIS transponder installed which is mandatory for all commercial vessels over 60 meters.  A lot of people told me to only get the receiver so I could see the ships and not worry about them seeing me.  My plans are to sail alone and there will be times where I’m sleeping so I want them to be able to see me as well. I’m having a watermaker installed and it should be here by the end of the week.  Spending money like a crackhead that won the lotto so I can’t wait to get done with this part of the journey!

Other things in the works are that I’ve upgraded from a 35 lb to a 55 lb anchor and I’ll be replacing my existing rope/anchor with 5/16″ high density stainless steel chain.  The guy directly behind me has been single handing his boat for years and he’s been a wealth of information.  I was wavering on going all chain but he and an article I just read in Sea magazine convinced me that this was something I need to do.  Needless to say when the anchor comes loose unintentionally while you are asleep or away and the wind is blowing your boat on shore or on to rocks or out to sea is not a good thing.

The hip has put me behind schedule from when I wanted to leave Ventura but that’s the great thing about not having a schedule!!  I’m just getting to where I have full movement in my hip and am getting really close to being almost 100%. Consequently, I’m going to target getting out of here by the end of the month.  Hopefully between next week and the end of the month I’ll be able to do lots of solo sailing, anchoring and docking.  Once I can get Desi where I want her to go and back into port with confidence I’m not going anywhere.  It’s not the sailing part that worries me.  It’s the anchoring and docking. Those are the things that I’ve not had much practice with at all.  If all goes well and weather permitting I’ll head to Ensenada sometime near the end of Nov. which is about 140 nautical miles.  It will take me just over 24 hrs to get there depending on how far out I go (less traffic the further out you go).  I’ll check into Mexico there and I’m going to see if I can have some daveats installed so I can lift my dinghy out of the water at night to prevent thievery.  If I can find someone it’ll probably take a few days if not I’ll go it without them and head south to Cabo if needed for supplies which will take about 5 days or if everything is going good I may go ahead and sail all the way to La Paz which is about 7 days.  Cabo is a bit too commercialized from what I hear but La Paz sounds like a perfect place to hold up for a few days and stock up on last minute supplies before I head out and begin the primary mission of cruising. Hope everybody is well!  Stay tuned!  The best is yet to come!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sky High

  1. Sandy Chilcott says:

    marty, be careful traveling south by yourself. keep your flare gun handy.
    if you get to cabo and have any issues call me. i have a good friend that lives there. and dont tie up in the cabo marina. they will charge a huge amount just to enter the breakwater of the marina. racket.
    steve pierson


  2. Skip says:

    Marty, looks like I will be in Ensenada when you get there, so let’s get together. I’ll be on a 170′ vessel called Beauport. You can’t miss it. Also, go to Cruiseport Marina, not Coral. Coral has strong surge that’s hard on your docklines, fenders and sanity. But it is a good place to get fuel. If you do fuel up there, be sure to go in at high tide. There is a big rock right under the fuel dock that you will hit at low tide. Sounds like you are making great progress!


    • friedfish says:

      Hey Skip! Sounds like a plan! Things are progressing nicely. Rigging and sail work is all done, solar is working and hopefully have watermaker and ais installed by the end of the week. Look forward to seeing you down there!


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