Sailing With My Good Friend Rrrrrrrhonda

20151112_131249 20151112_132700 IMG_20151112_184134_01

Rhonda came down to see me for my birthday!  How many guys can say their ex wife is one of their best friends?!?!  Well I can and we had a blast.  She’s been here since Monday evening but we haven’t been able to go sailing at all because it’s been “blowing stink” we finally got out today for my 1st solo “single” handed adventure on Thursday.  I’ll be honest…… for days now I’ve been very anxious about doing this part of things. But sooner or later I had to get on that horse and today winds were looking like they were going to be favorable so after stowing everything away we took off about 11:30 am and headed out.  It was a beautiful sunny day and when we got out of the harbor it was blowing about 10-15 which is what my noob butt was looking for so we pulled out the main and then the jib and turned the motor off and we were booking along. The winds kept picking up and eventually we were getting 20-25 with Desi hitting a top speed of 7.8 knots.    This was more wind than I was wanting to get into but the boat handled it really well and it gave me more of the confidence I need in the boat and myself.  We sailed out almost to the closest Channel Island Santa Cruz about 7 nautical miles out and turned around and headed back towards home. We got lucky and saw several pods of dolphins along the way and had a really enjoyable sail back in.  Rrrrrrhonda heads back tomorrow so I’ll be aLLLLLL by myself.  We’ve had a great time and I really look forward to the next port she shows up in.  🙂

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