That’s My Girl


Ain’t she pretty?!?! Getting her all organized and cleaned up!  Sometime in the next week I’ll be heading to Channel Island Harbor south of here about 7 nm to get 250′ of anchor chain. Other than that finishing up some wiring for my solar/inverter, waiting on a pair of lenses for new glasses, a trip to Lowe’s and some last minute groceries and laundry and I’ll be ready.  They are expecting me at Baja Naval in Ensenada on Dec 2 or 3rd.  I’m paid up here until the 30th so somewhere towards the end of the month weather permitting I’ll be off, Baja Naval will finish up Desi’s outfitting and the real fun will begin!  Thanks for everyone’s well wishes and comments! ⛵

2 thoughts on “That’s My Girl

  1. Sam Mendez says:

    Best of luck Marty!!!


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