AIS Tracking Live

I’ve added a link on the left that tracks me via my AIS (Automatic Identification System). Pretty sure it updates more frequently than the GPS tracking. I needed a way to prove to Kkkkkkkkken that I’m really where I say I’m at. All vessels over 65′ are required to have it. I have it so the big ships can see me and Desiderata! Pretty cool website. You can see all the commercial ships operating and if you select the density icon on the left it puts up a really cool graphic that shows the most heavily congested shipping lanes. If you look near Los Angeles there is obviously a lot of commercial shipping traffic which is where I’ll pass by on my way to Ensenada. But you can also see my course will take me into less congested areas other than crossing the main routes.  Talk about making a mark on the planet!! Look at all that traffic!!

shipping lanes


2 thoughts on “AIS Tracking Live

  1. Gary Trull says:

    Very cool Marty, been keeping track of your progress. I am very impressed of your adventure. I wish you well and have a happy Thanksgiving. Good luck and stay safe!!!


    • friedfish says:

      Thanks so much Gary, I really appreciate it!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and you stay safe around that big bad paper machine with all them distractions. Hope all is well!


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