Departing Ventura For Ensenada Friday

That is weather permitting which will always be the case.  As you can see from the Predict Wind weather software below it summarizes what I can expect for wind and swells as well as what point of sail I’ll be on. There are 4 different weather models used to ensure accuracy. With maximum wind speed not going over 15 its going to be a slow easy ride I’m hoping. Looks like 2 to 3 days overall. If everything is going good I don’t plan on motoring which will extend the overall trip. The great thing about being out there is I’m not paying hardly anyone any money and I’ll be trolling for hopefully fresh yellowfin tuna to have some of the freshest sushi I’ve ever had or the freshest grilled tuna steaks I’ve ever had. Bought some wasabi today! The other great thing will be no traffic lights, no lines, no idiots for miles and miles.  Just peace and solitude I’m hoping.

I’ll admit there have been times I’ve been pretty nervous in the past couple of weeks when I’d think of what I’m about to do on Friday and I’d find myself laying in bed and thinking….. what in the world have you done?!?  Are you nuts?!?  I know some of you probably think so and you may be right! Try quitting your job though, buying a sailboat, selling almost everything you own and I’ll bet you’d do the same. Actually all I had to do to calm myself down was look at the weather in Longview and then I’d realize…..that’s why you did it!! 😉 But now I’m finally getting used to the idea, I’m confident in the boat and myself and I’m excited and can’t wait to get out there. The weather is cooling down here and it’s not nearly as warm as I was expecting so time to leave!

Not quite sure what I’m going to do for internet when I get there but I’ll figure that out and update you as soon as possible as to what Ensenada is like. Hope everybody has a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving!! Wish me luck! Adios!Ensenada Friday Departure Info

7 thoughts on “Departing Ventura For Ensenada Friday

  1. Rhonda says:

    Happy turkey day Marty!!!! Happy sailing tomorrow, it’s going to be great.


  2. Jack says:

    Sail safe mi amigo!


  3. Jerry Hall says:

    Well Marty it sounds like the boat and you are ready. So the adventure starts…be safe and keep us updated.


  4. Brian Hewitt says:

    Marty, I guess the storm down there must have passed for you. So exciting. keep us posted when you can. We are all enjoying your adventures. Beautiful Boat!


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