Me And Desi Are Legal!

It took a couple of days but now we are officially legally in Mexico.  There are 5 different offices in this one small building. There is the Immigration, Customs, Bank,  Fishing License and I’m not quite sure what the other one was but the procedure is to go to one, go to the bank and pay a fee, then go to the next one, then back to the bank,  then back to the other one,  then back to the bank and if I had my bill of sale they would have sent me to customs to get my Temporary Import Permit (TIP) which is required for the boat. I had to have the dealer email me a copy of it and went back and got my TIP and a fishing license. Once you have cleared entry into a port you are required to fly the National flag from your starboard spreader.  As you can see from the pic Desi is flying her first of many different flags I hope.


2 thoughts on “Me And Desi Are Legal!

  1. Keith Presnell says:

    Hi Marty. I’m a follower… Keep the posts going. I look forward to seeing your progress everyday. Keith


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