Desiderata On The Hard


Progress! They pulled Desi out of the water today so I’m living in sailboat tree house for awhile.  The good news is they started hooking up my watermaker and the electrician is coming back tomorrow to start wiring my wind generator and replacing my chart plotter /radar display with a new one and will integrate my AIS in as well. Finally the big job will be installing the daveats which requires the steel tubing to be ordered. Most of the labor is $25/hr. Try to find that up there.  Hopefully I can be out of here in a couple of weeks and arriving in La Paz around Christmas.  Feliz Navidad!

2 thoughts on “Desiderata On The Hard

  1. Roi says:

    So, How do you get a board? Do you Pole vault, or is there a Swiss Family Robinson elevator that I don’t see?

    Regardless… It would be a bad time to start sleep walking !


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