Ship Wrecked


Just so I don’t give the impression this is all peaches and cream this is what my main cabin looks like tonight.  The reason it’s this way is that they are installing my watermaker and it feeds into the my water tank which is located under the V berth so the mattress pads have to come out. The good news is that they should finish tomorrow. 


They  did complete installing my remote windlass control so I can lower and raise my anchor from the cockpit if the wind is blowing or the current is swift and I need to stay in one position. 
Tomorrow they should finish the watermaker and will begin wiring my wind generator.  it’s looking like the boat will be self sufficient power wise for the most part as long as there is sun. Funny thing is so far there’s been nothing but sun! The big ticket item is my chart plotter display which died. I’m very hopeful Carlos the electrican can perform some sort of exorcism and bring it back to life. Otherwise I have to ship it to the states or go to San Diego by 2 hr bus ride and fix it or get a whole new system. Getting electronics shipped in is next to impossible and there is a 40% import tax or something like that.  So I’ll admit I’ve done nothing but trade one set of problems for another set of problems.  But this was my reward for my new set tonight.


Warm wishes to all of y’all! ⛵

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