Update Ensenada

Buenos dias from Ensenada!!  Boat work is progressing slowly but surely. Watermaker installed, chart plotter display repaired, remote windlass operational, new zinc installed and a minor fiberglass repair job are done.  I had been waiting on the head welder to design my dinghy davits and since that wasn’t seeming to happen I designed my own.  He said my design was simpler to mount than what he had in mind so I was optimistic that things would start moving forward rapidly.  However when it came to getting the 60′ of 1 3/4″ stainless tubing best they could come up with was Dec 17, next Thursday.  That being the case I may be spending Navidad in Ensenada.  I’m hoping there is an outside chance I’ll be able to leave before then but I’m pretty sure that’s wishful thinking. Good cheap food is abundant though, the weather has been quite pleasant here in the bay, I’ve met several great people from other boats and workers in the yard but the weather offshore has actually been pretty nasty with new fronts coming down every 3 or 4 days so I wouldn’t be leaving yet anyhow.  Good things come to those who wait so I’ve been told.

A young couple came in yesterday that had started out of BC in July in a 30′ sailboat that they had spent 2 years outfitting and had gone to Hawaii and then to San Francisco and in the process they barely missed or were hit by like 4 hurricanes, ended up getting knocked down and it sounds like they were pretty lucky to survive at all. By the time they got to San Francisco their sails were shredded and they were out of fuel so they had to be towed in. Undeterred here they are in Ensenada heading south to La Paz with his comment being that pretty much all the outfitting he had done had been undone by all the storm damage.  There is a common saying by experienced sailors that says that cruising is basically getting your boat fixed in exotic places. I found it hilarious!  Doesn’t sound encouraging does it, yet they are all still here.  The boat directly behind me here in the yard is a beautiful 63 ft aluminum boat with a ton of sails and it’s massive.  It’s owned by Richard, a very active 75 yr old recently retired orthopedic surgeon that has raced in the Newport to Ensenada race for 33 yrs and actually won it a few years back. Him being the most experienced sailor I know, I asked him what was the most important thing for me to learn and his reply was for me to keep my head above water…………..  That sounds pretty simple doesn’t it?!? He’s a pretty funny guy and a conservative so you know how mutually aligned we are on things!

Today is Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe which is the patron saint of Mexico and Baja Naval celebrates by holding a big party here at the boatyard for all the workers.  This is normally a work day so it’s a paid day off with benefits.  Desiderata is up on stands and I get to overlook the whole show so should be quite entertaining.  If Ken were here I’m sure somewhere along the way we’d join in with our duet and belt out our most favorite Japanese song.

A couple of nights ago I went to this small hole in the wall club with Carlos, a 30 yr old worker here at the yard to see a jam session which turned out being a 14 pc band composed mostly of horns playing old big band songs.  It was pretty cool.  There were only about 25-30 people in the audience but they were all loving it and the band was actually very good. I leave you with a segment of that very event!

4 thoughts on “Update Ensenada

  1. Jack says:

    I was beginning to wonder what happened to you Marty – thanks for the update – stay safe!


    • friedfish says:

      Thanks Jack! Doing good just in a hurry and wait mode. Good news today though that the parts of my davits are here so work will begin 4 days sooner than I was expecting! You stay safe too my friend!


  2. Ken Bruce says:

    My wife has pretty much decided that I’m to stick with instrumentals on the guitar. But then again, I hear that they have Tequila in Mexico.


    • friedfish says:

      She has never heard us singing together. Remember when we tore the house down at the SGA dinner!! She would change her tune if I could ever find that video which I think unfortunately is lying at the bottom of the Pacific


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