Update Ensenada Part Deux

The material for my davits is here 4 days early so there is a better chance I’ll leave by Christmas!  Boat should be in the best shape she has ever been so I’m really excited.  I’ll be able to produce my own water and power and and physical activities I have to do have been reduced tremendously by the work I’m having done on the boat.

Living life like this is so much different than my past life.  The boatyard is a living microcosm of the sailing/boating community.  There are boats arriving and departing daily.  Some are having work done and others are just getting supplies or laying over to miss some bad weather.  Most of the people are really friendly and you immediately gravitate towards each other and start grouping up on errands and such.  There are other that tend to just stick to themselves though and that’s all good too.


This is Liz and Chris and they’ve been great company and great information for helping me to to supplies I need. They were one of the first people I met at the marina and we went through customs and immigration together. Liz speaks quite a bit of the espanol which comes in very handy if you don’t. We ate at my first taco stand on the side of the road. Chris and I developed an immediate friendship thanks to our common love of swine. They are just starting an 18 month long cruise and I really hope I run into them somewhere down the road.

20151212_162537.jpgThis is Richard a retired orthopedic surgeon and that’s his little 62′ sailboat. Tex here is 75 and just retired.


Richard has been coming to Ensenada for over 3o yrs.   There is a race every year from Newport Beach, CA to Ensenada and he has competed in it something like 33 times and actually won it it in 2008. I got to meet his lovely wife Lisa just before she flew back to Florida to spend Christmas with family.  He and I have gone out to lunch and dinner quite a bit being the only single guys and he’s shown me some great local restaurants. He’s leaving me this Friday and he’ll be missed as well. Hopefully I’ll catch up with him in Belize where he is ultimately heading.  He’s the local conservative and I’ve really enjoyed our banter. I still feel I’ve won a small liberal battle by getting him to install solar panels on his big beautiful boat.

Today another friend Robert that has been living here in Ensenada gave me a ride to Home Depot and Costco to get some things I needed. He’s been completely restoring a boat here for 2 years so he really knows his way around.  He took me to a taco stand that specializes in fish and shrimp tacos.  He says Anthony Bourdain voted them the best in Ensenada.  I never knew there was such a thing as shrimp (camaron) tacos.  If you know me and you know my love of camarons you’ll know I’m in camarone heaven!!


This is the place.  Sorry crappy light but there are 3 senoras pumping fried fish and shrimp tacos out left and right.  Here’s Robert and I enjoying our good fortune.


Having a blast!!   Hope you guys are all well and drying up.  Feliz Navidad!!

4 thoughts on “Update Ensenada Part Deux

  1. Ralph Moore says:

    Hey Talley Whacker… Ralph saying hi. Looks like your livin the good life. Shrimp tacos sound awesome. Just found out about the site so ill be checking on ya. Take care and have a merry Christmas.


    • friedfish says:

      Hey Dali Llama. Great to hear from you and have you grace the site. Thanks for the well wishes. Hope you and your family have a great Christmas!!


  2. Rhonda says:

    Hey there……you just need to knock it off now! You’re having way too much fun it appears!


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