Desiderata Update

The only work left to do on the boat is some minor paint touch up on the bottom coat, waxing the hull and installation of the davits. It’s a custom job so it is taking quite a bit of time to get things just right.  I had hoped to be on my way to La Paz by Christmas but I’m positive I’ll be here until no later than New Years weather permitting.  They will only work a 1/2 day on Christmas Eve and then the same on New Years Eve so I may not get out of here until after the 1st. The good news is my davits are going to be really strong and hold my dinghy really high out of the water when I’m sailing and more importantly that I’ll be able to chain the dinghy to the davits when I’m anchored to deter theft and most importantly to minimize physical labor on my part.  Incorporated into the davits is a block and tackle to lift and lower my outboard for the dinghy when I store it.  Great cheap eats, great people and sunshine almost everyday so all is good.  Feliz Navidad!!!

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