Ensenada Road Trip

My new friend Carlos works at Baja Naval and he invited me to join him for a ride to La Bufadora. Richard and Nicole a young couple from BC that are having work done on their boat at Baja Naval and Hugo who also works at the yard joined us.  La Bufadora is one of the largest blowholes/marine geysers in the North America and during the right conditions it can shoot up to 100 feet above sea level.  It was about a 45 min drive to the south of Ensenada so I got to see a much broader view of Mexico than walking distance from the boat yard. image
This is the path leading to La Bufadora and it is lined by every and any kind of vendor imaginable.  A few examples are foods, sweets, jewelry, leather beer can holsters (really!!), sea shells, shark teeth, carved wood items and one that must be very popular because they are everywhere are the pharmacies.  Here is one advertising what I’m guessing is the #1 seller. It’s not just viagra!  It’s Superviagra!!20151220_103537We made our way down to La Bufadora and conditions weren’t ideal for blowhole conditions but there were a few that were pretty impressive. By the time the large waves got down here that had slammed into Ventura I’ll bet old La Bufadora looked like it had taken some Superviagra!!20151220_104705This was the best shot I got which isn’t very impressive but it was still pretty cool.20151220_104950Here’s from right to left Hugo, Carlos, Nicole and Richard.  We watched the blowhole for a bit and then Hugo led us up a path off to the left of the sign you can see above. It’s so dry and arid here as would be expected in Baja but it’s also very beautiful.  20151220_112146The agave plants are really cool.  The yellow ones are blooming out and will die but you can see the new ones that haven’t opened yet.20151220_112400

20151220_112623A great shot of Robert and Carlos cracking up over something. Notice the numerous rocky shoals and rocks along the shoreline.  20151220_113100Here’s Hugo close to the edge.  He’s a rock climber and has no problem with heights as you’ll see more of later.20151220_121202On the way out they were selling what looked like a boiled shrimp in cheese and some kind of mild salsa being broiled over an open wood fire on a large clam shell that I just had to try and camaron porn once again! This was one of the booths that caught my eye on the way out.

We headed back to town and decided on Chinese for lunch.  We split 1 combo with all the usuals, sweet and sour pork, chicken, chow mein and a side of pork fried rice and a side of chop suey.  After we were all stuffed and thought the meal had concluded the waitress brought out our side of pork fried rice.  20151220_142502After lunch we headed back to the marina and dropped Robert and Nicole off as they had things to do and Carlos, Hugo and myself drove up to a really high vantage point overlooking Ensenada and the ocean.20151220_153049You might have to right click on this next image to get it to work right.  For some reason I’m having issues with how images display but I’m working on it.  It’s a panorama of the view.20151220_152901Hugo lead us down another trail and I wasn’t sure I was liking this part because it was actually pretty steep and a long ways down and there wasn’t much of a path and if you reach down to grab something there are some very nasty looking cactus sparsely spread out that would hurt! I survived though and we sat on this rock outcrop and waited for the sunset.DSCN0048DSCN0050I really like and respect these guys so much.  Both are about 3o and they have such a great outlook on life and are all about learning more about the world as a whole and improving themselves.  They make about $17 US a day. They both speak great English and are helping me with my Espanol though I’ll admit I’m struggling.  It will become a necessity once I head south out of La Paz because the odds of finding someone that habla engles is going to drop significantly I understand.  We had some great conversations while waiting and were rewarded with this beautiful sunset.  A beautiful end to an awesome day.20151220_17000220151220_165756I really appreciate and am so grateful for their hospitality! They are really helping make my extended stay here much more enjoyable.



2 thoughts on “Ensenada Road Trip

  1. Bob says:

    looks like you are having fun not to sure about the coat, Marty send me a case of the superviagra LOL


    • friedfish says:

      OK buddy I got a case with your name all over it! That coat is like 20 yrs old and is an original Burton snowboarding coat :p I thought I was rocking that puppy!


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