Great News

Found a great new cheap carnita taco stand!!

That’s great news but the really great news is it looks like I’m going to be back in the water by this Thursday.  I was worried because if I didn’t go back in on Thursday I would have had to wait for the following Monday. Weather is looking good last time I checked so I may be out of here on the 2nd or 3rd.

Took a ride out in the wine country with Carlos and his friend Alfredo who is one year from completing his architecture degree. He drove like we were in the Baja 1000 but we made it to our destination safely none the less. It’s just been developed as you can see from the newly planted flowers. The pond is man made and you can’t see us very good but blame the sun it’s on the wrong side.



Later we rode out to this bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean just in time for this sunset.

Another awesome day in Ensenada. I’m really going to miss a lot of the workers I’ve developed relationships with a great deal. Many of them are good people you know you’d become fast friends with if time wasn’t an issue


2 thoughts on “Great News

  1. Bob says:

    love that sunset


    • friedfish says:

      It’s unreal because it’s like almost everyday you get to see these truly amazing sunsets that the camera doesn’t even begin to capture all the different colors.


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