For You Lou





This is Guillermo the Michael Angelo of welding. I can tell he is doing everything possible to give me the best possible job. I tell him that he will always be a part of Desiderata and that I will think of him often when I raise and lower my dinghy. He’s such a great guy and I know we would be good friends if we had a longer opportunity.  I’m very grateful that our paths have crossed on this journey I’ve embarked upon though and it’s people like him that make it one of the best parts. Final product shots tomorrow. Guillermo is hard at work on the cross support that will be welded into place tomorrow and I’m hoping to get a good selfie with him and the final product. Lou loves this stuff and I’ve been wanting to share some of the workmanship with him!

Best of all I’m going back in the water Thursday afternoon.  Tentatively planning on heading for Puerto Vallarta on Saturday or Sunday.

One thought on “For You Lou

  1. Lou says:

    Thanks YF Lou


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