Leaving Ensenada Soon

I can’t even begin to put into words what an emotional and psychogical journey this has all been so far.  One of the biggest surprises is that I hoped and expected to only be in Ensenada for a couple of weeks and in the end I will have been here exactly one mes (espanol for month ;)) I wasn’t looking forward to it when I first came to the realization but each and every day has turned out to be a new adventure that I wouldn’t have experienced had I not been doing anything other than what I am. The best part has been developing relationships with some of the workers in the yard.  They help me with my Spanglish and they are constantly laughing and joking and having a great time in spite of the work.  I will miss several of them very much and hope to run into them again somewhere down the line.

What I will not miss is the cold! I know nobody up there has any sympathy for me feeling cold on a 60 degree day but heat is one of the primary goals of this mission and thus far I’ve fallen well short of that.  I checked out of Ensenada today and as would be par for the course for me I forgot a copy of my entry paper so I had to go back to the boat to get my copy and get that all taken care of so now I can depart when ready.

The only work left on the boat is a little polishing on the stainless tubing for the davits by mi amigo Guiellermo tomorrow and we will hang all of the blocks and tackle and hopefully have my dinghy hanging solidly from the stern of the boat with the outboard on so deploying and retrieving it is as fast and effective as possible.  After that I need to get some diesel and gas, milk, eggs, bread and cereal and most importantly Coke Zero.  The only wildcard is my watermaker.  The membrane is very delicate and it doesn’t like dirty water at all so I can’t really check it until I get clear of the harbor and into the bay. If it is working I’ll proceed to the next part of the journey which is Puerto Vallarta.  My chart plotting software says almost 8 days to get there but my weather routing software says it could take up to 11.  I’ll have to have my watermaker working to make it non stop.  If it’s not working I’ll probably return to Baja Naval and wait until Monday to see if we can resolve the issue.  I’m not anticipating any problems but as you all know, you never know.

Many people choose to sail a couple of days then anchor for a day or two to break up the trip. The main reason I want to do it nonstop is my primary goal now is to attempt to circumnavigate the globe solo. At least solo on any major passages. My longest passage to achieve that goal would be from the Americas to the South Pacific which can take 20 to 30 days. This will be a great chance for me to experience about 10 days alone offshore to see if I think I would be capable of handling the mental and physical strain required of the longer passages. And as a bonus 85 degree weather several days earlier!

Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Leaving Ensenada Soon

  1. Heather Pahkala says:

    Hi Marty, I can’t believe you have only been gone 2 months. You are sounding like an ‘old salt’ already. The marina wasn’t quiet the same with you gone. I bought an RV and moved off the boat (so I can fix it up, sell it and buy a bigger one) – my dream is still alive and kicking, but also constantly evolving (just like yours). I am learning a lot from your blog – You have a wonderful gift of storytelling !
    I am sure you have researched your route and destination, but don’t miss Isla Isabela and Sayulita, enroute to PV.
    PS – Good decision getting an AIS transceiver – Thailand is now banning yachts unless they have both receiver and transceiver. I loved your entry about the AIS tracking and the ships that alter their route for an itty bitty sailboat.
    Fair winds and star-filled nights…sail safe,


    • friedfish says:

      Heather, so good to hear from you! Far from an ‘old salt’ I assure you. I’ve had pretty optimal conditions so far and looks like more of the same on the hop to PV. Concur on your RV plan and admire your drive and determination to no end! So far it’s been more than I could have imagined and the most ironic part is I haven’t even gotten to the best part! Still holding you to seeing me in Mexico. Come on down!
      Warm regards,


  2. Diamond Dave says:

    Have a great New Year.. and have safe travels. Wow, I was impressed with the welding job. Guy is good. Hope all goes well on your next leg of the journey…


    • friedfish says:

      Thanks Dave. Right back atcha! Thanks for the support. You guys really have no idea how much it helps and how good it feels!
      Warm regards mi amigo!


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