Last Night In Ensenada

Desiderata is back in the water, I’ve paid my boat yard bill, did all my last minute provisions and am in the process of getting everything stowed away securely and getting Desi ready to sail away in the morning. It was with a little sadness I said goodbye to all of my new friends in the yard. I truly would have liked to have gotten to know all of them better. Hard working, family oriented and love to laugh, joke and play. What’s not to love about that?!?

Last minute adjustments to the davit block.

Desiderata going back into the water with my dinghy hanging proudly from the stern.

Antonio the Justin Beiber of Baja Naval
Guillermo a welding combination of Michael Angelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. Love this guy because he made me the best davits in all of Mexico! Mucho Gracias mi bien amigo!

Desiderata content to be afloat rocking gently with the waves. Myself happy to get the boat back into sailing order with everything properly stowed for the trip. We had been on the hard for 30 days and it was really starting to lose it’s luster. You’ll probably find it hard to believe it but many nights I sit huddled around my little 1500 watt heater just wishing it would hurry up and warm up the whole boat.  Not a lot of insulation in these sailboats so 45 degree nights is cold I’m telling you!!! :p  But that’s soon to change sometime in the next 3 or 4 days as I get south.  But more on that later………..

One more post probably before I lose coverage.

Hope everyone has a Safe and Happy New Year!!

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