Not So Early

Slept like a baby and figured I’d need as much rest as possible for the trip so I slept in and woke up to a beautiful day! Dropped my last bag of garbage off, got my $10 deposit for the security key and took my last unlimited hot water shower for next few days. I’ve got a 6 gal hot water heater but as I’m sure you know that doesn’t last long.  More like rinse, turn water off, lather up and rinse again.

Lines are cast off and I’m on my way.  See you in Puerto Vallarta!



4 thoughts on “Not So Early

  1. Bob says:

    Off you go my friend! Wishing you all the luck, sunsets, the right winds!


  2. Diana Davis says:

    What an inspiration you are, Marty! Love reading your posts about your adventure and the new friends you are making along the way. Safe travels, my friend!!


    • friedfish says:

      Diana! Long time no habla! Some would say an inspiration for insanity! Having so much fun. Wish I could put into words the emotional and psychological journey that’s going on along with all of this! Thanks for your support. I seriously can’t tell you how much it means!
      Warm regards,


      • Diana Davis says:

        An Inspiration for insanity works for me,,,we should all be so brave! Am following you on the tracking site, and I think I am hooked on your story. I am so excited for you and all the growth you are getting out of this. You deserve every bit of it!


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