This Ain’t No KOA

Hola from Punta Abreojos! Never heard of the place until today! Got a great start from Turtle Bay and some of the best sailing I’ve got to experience yet! I’m finally confident the boat isn’t going to roll over when a wind or wave pushes her hard over one way or the other.  Seriously it’s taken me this long to feel completely safe in the boat. Saw more  high wind conditions that were coming my way right at dark again so I bailed out here. The thing about weather forecast as you all know is that they are just that.. a prediction. 25 mph winds I’m completely comfortable with but if the forecast underestimate then 25-30 can become 40 and I think it prudent to avoid these conditions if possible.

No wifi, no pictures.  Haven’t been doing a lot of picture taking since I kinda got my hands full with this sailing thing.
Dawg tired so going to put the boat in order, get a good night’s sleep and reassess the weather situation in the morning.

On a side note.  Apparently squid think I or Desi are some sort of diety because after every night of sailing one lone squid has been found on the deck dead in what I assume is some kind of ritualistic sacrificial offering. I’m open to other theories but for now that’s the one I’m going with!

2 thoughts on “This Ain’t No KOA

  1. liza says:

    Where are you now


  2. liza says:

    Where are you now. Sounds like you are a pro already


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