San Jose Del Cabo

Just got in. Running on very little sleep.  The weather every night was ferocious to say the least. The lines from my jib ripped my radar off last night. Pretty sure I’ll be here a month as the daily rates add up so fast and the amount of time it’s going to take to fix the radar warrant going that route. Going to catch some long overdue sleep and will update as soon as I recover a bit. I know I didn’t see the worst the ocean can serve up but I saw her and survived some of her nastiest albeit with some equipment damage and I’m undettered. Time to rest up, regroup and get back on the journey. Definitely goes down as the most exciting and exhilarating experiences of my life. I do believe I have more wrinkles in a certain orifice of my body from being puckered tighter than it has ever been. Still beats papermaking and living in a climate I abhorred. I will be anchored in some beautiful tropical paradise that I don’t want to leave before this is all said and done or I’ll die trying! More to come!

2 thoughts on “San Jose Del Cabo

  1. George says:

    Sorry you had a rough time. Now maybe you’see some wisdom in shorter hops when possible when you’re single handing. Glad you’re still enthusiastic ! Coincidently, I plan to put up my new replacement radar tomorrow .



    • friedfish says:

      It was bound to happen sooner or later. Thanks again for convincing me to go robust on the anchoring system. As you read, I’ve changed my philosophy completely on long range planning and trips at this stage. Good luck with the radar install. Hope it all goes well. Warm regards!


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