First Trip Into San Jose del Cabo

After getting things going on the radar I asked Greg, the guy working on my radar about laundry and getting to town for groceries.  He texted me later that afternoon and told me if I’d bring my laundry by his office at 7 am he’d have it picked up and should be back to me later that afternoon.  I also asked him what was the best way to get to town for groceries.  He told me which taxi service to beware of and told me the best way was the bus.  I got up early the next morning and dropped my laundry off and he informed me that the new radar we were planning on ordering was only available in digital.  My boat is a 2007 and I’m my system is analog.  He had found a used one compatible with my system on eBay in Tennessee that was $500 less but there is always the question buying used so that’s my biggest concern at this point.  I was told in Ensenada that mail was a real crapshoot with bad odds.  I haven’t had the chance to ask him about service here in San Jose Del Cabo but I’m optimistic that it’s better.  There are some huge boats in the marina here that I never see go out but I see workers cleaning the boats spotless at least every day or so.  I wasn’t aware of it but his area is infamous for its sport fishing.  You can tell by the fact that there is probably 1 sailboat for every big fishing boat or yacht here in the marina.  In essence it’s a pretty upper class marina.  The marina is  really nice with gated security and guards.

After dropping my laundry off with Greg I went to the marina office and signed up for a month here since the daily rate adds up so fast that within a couple of weeks you’re already on the hook for a month of service and I’m sure it’s going to be another cpl of weeks to get my radar here and installed.  I asked them about the bus as well and they said to walk out to the main highway on the side going into town and that the bus comes by every 20 minutes or so.  I had probably walked 15 minutes or so and sure enough here comes this older colorfully painted “schoolbus” with the number 5 on it.  I assumed that it was 5 pesos but when I got on the driver informed me it was diez, 10 pesos, 55 cents so I coughed up 5 more pesos. A young man that had been walking in the same direction as me boarded as well.  There were only about 7 people on the bus so I found and empty seat, sat down and off we went. Should have taken more pictures but on the walk out and will get more of the marina landscaping before I leave because it is absolutely gorgeous where complete. There are numerous sculptures around the marina by Leonora Carrington. At the entrance to each pier is a sculpture as well which I’ll possibly get around to documenting before I leave.sj5The entrance to the marinasj4Cactus farm? I was told there is a botanical garden near by but I’m not sure.  They are used extensively in the landscaping so my guess is that they are raising them for future landscaping.  The marina was started in 2009 and seems to only be about 75% complete for some reason.

After about a 15-20 minute bus road we got to my destination which was Soriana’s.It’s a Mexican chain similar to a Walmart that Greg had recommended as somewhere the locals shop.  I saw a Subway and was starving so I headed into it and ordered up a BMT and when it came to ingredients there was this huge container full of guacamole so I had my first BMT loaded with guacamole which I love.  When I was leaving I noticed a bank across the street and the exchange rate has gone from 16 to 18 since I got here so I get an extra $11 US when I exchange.  When I walked in the bank it was pretty confusing because it was full and there were lines of people waiting and there was an electronic device which was to take a number but it wasn’t in English so I was confused.  I noticed one young man that appeared to work for the bank and asked him if he habla’d in English and he replied pequeno which means a little but he understood that I wanted to exchange pesos but he mentioned that I needed my passport so I aborted that mission for a later date and headed to Soriana’s.

I walked into the store and grabbed a cart and a security guy came up to me and said something I didn’t understand which I replied no comprende.  He made it clear that I couldn’t take my backpacks into the store and needed to check them at a counter where they give you a number to pick up your backpacks when you leave the store.  It was kind of confusing because the first couple of rows of aisles was an array of different products from a pharmacy to tires.  Home supplies of various natures.  In the back was the grocery store so I headed back and got picked up a few things to make spaghetti, milk, bread an a few other items.  There was a small stand where they were selling a fruit cocktail mix ranging from guava, cantaloupe, pineapple and jicama and something I didn’t recognize so I got a combo of melon, guava and pineapple in a 1 quart container for just over $2 us.  Surely this would have been over $7 us.  I had to really pay attention to prices because if it was a US product it could be pretty expensive.  Finally got all my stuff and checked out.  I haven’t verified this but there are usually elderly ladies doing the bagging.  My understanding is that the only money they make is in tips so I tipped her 40 pesos and headed to the counter got my backpack and tote bag and put all my groceries in them and proceeded to catch the bus back.  When I got back to the bus stop a bus was there and a man came up asking me where I was going.  I just puerto marina and he pointed across the road to another bus stop and said I needed to go over there and catch bus #5.  I had to go up this huge back and forth ramp that headed up to an overpass that crossed the intersection.  I made my way to the bus stop which was very crowded with numerous busses stopping and picking up more passengers.  It looked like a lot of the busses were hotel or resort busses and I assumed the people were staff coming to and from work.  Finally bus #5 came along and I boarded a much fuller bus but was able to find a seat, sat down and waited for my stop to come up.  When we got to a place within the shortest walking distance back to the marina and Desiderata I said senor alto please and he stopped the bus and I headed back to the boat.  Shortly after arriving at the boat, Greg had sent one of his helpers Fernando down with my laundry all neatly folded and clean.

I stowed all my groceries away and cooked up an awesome spaghetti dinner with fresh salad and some really good rolls I’d bought at the bakery. Next time I’ve got information on how to get to Walmart and the Megastore chain here which is supposed to have really good prices and I’ll get to see another part of San Jose del Cabo and will report in if I find it noteworthy.  It is quite a different feeling being the only gringo in a large store filled with locals but as time goes on and I get a better grasp of the language I’m confident it will be and feel more normal and I’ll understand how to navigate these circumstances more easily.









One thought on “First Trip Into San Jose del Cabo

  1. George says:

    I can empathize about the radar. I ended up getting a whole new one because parts and labor were so high it made more sense to spend a bit more and have spares. Finally got the new antenna up and working this week. Good luck with yours!


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