Job Opportunities

Here’s some pictures I took on my walk tonight to find some more camarone tacos.  A large part of the paths to the docks aren’t finished on the far side of the marina that I’m located on.  I wondered why because this marina was started in 2009.  I think the main cause is they received extensive damage from Hurricane Odile in 2014.  The beach washed in  the way in a previous post was from Odile as well.  It is absolutely stunning in it’s landscaping though and once it is finished it will be like walking through a tropical jungle.

Before I left on my walk for dinner. Greg, the ex navy seal that retired from the military 6 yrs ago, came down here and started his multiservice dive expedition, yacht repair, delivery captain and numerous other services business texted me asking if we could meet in the morning.  I was going to be walking right by his business in my pursuit of the almighty camarone taco so I asked him if he was there by chance.  He said he could be, so I headed out. When we had originally written the contract it was for a new radar but come to find out the new radars come with a digital connection and mine being 2007 is analog.  He was able to find one for $500 less on ebay and it should be here Friday or Monday.  He wanted to get straight on the bill and reimburse me the difference. There is a 16% import tax on electronic equipment and a 20% sales tax included in the price so its almost a $700 savings for me.  I told him to just keep it in case the used one we had ordered needed any repair work and we’d get square when everything was done.

There was another subject that he wanted to discuss with me that effects me in another way. The day I called the marina to see if a slip was available I also asked if there were any marine electricians that repaired radar.  The lady told me yes absolutely that Greg had a great reputation and they had heard nothing but positive comments from customers. When I went to the office to pay for the slip they actually gave me his card.  Now they are telling him they want 25% from him for any job he does in the marina. They won’t even let him in the marina unless he agrees to this. This means in order for me to have him do the work I’m going to have to take the boat out of the harbor and go anchor out in the ocean in front of his house where he lives.  It’s not a very good anchorage and though he would only need 2-3 hrs up on the mast to do the work but it’s affected by swell and would be less than ideal.  Not to mention the inconvenience of me having to untie by boat which isn’t a big deal, but for them to recommend him to me and then me have to leave the marina to get the work done isn’t very ethical or professional.  He needs some support which I’m happy to give him because I’ve been very impressed by his professionalism, work ethic and prices.  He believes there is some political motives but I have no clue. Does seem pretty unethical.

When we were through discussing all of this I told him I was starving and was going to walk down to The Drunken Sailor which has coconut camarone tacos that I had been recommended and was anxious to try.  He told me he’d take me to a better place and me quickly learning the value of local knowledge told him to take me to the tacos!  Over dinner he asked me if I was interested in helping crew to deliver a boat from Puerto Vallarta to San Jose los Cabos.  He would pay my airfare down, all of my expenses and $100 us a day.  I reminded him that I was relatively new to sailing and he said after what I endured single handed coming down from Ensenada and still wasn’t ready to toss in the towel that he was pretty confident I’d be more than adequate for crew. He did say that delivery jobs could be pretty hit or miss though and that it was possible for it to fall through.  I would actually love having the opportunity to sail with others so I don’t have learn everything on my own and it would be someone else’s boat I was learning on so no risk except for life to me.  He also mentioned that he was working on a deal to deliver an 80′ boat from New Zealand to San Jose del Cabo and would I be interested in that.  Fortunately for once I kept my mouth shut and didn’t say what I was thinking which was “I’d do that for free!!!”.  Getting paid to do something I absolutely love?!?!  There’s a whole new concept I’m quite foreign to. I have no idea if any of this will bear any fruit but it also opened my eyes to possibilities that I hadn’t really considered.  I plan to be in the La Paz area for quite awhile and he says he’s busy as he can be. It would be very convenient and I think I’ve already gained his respect so we’ll see what happens. It would also give me long range crossing experience in case I ever decide to continue my goal of single handed circumnavigation.  I’ve put it on the back burner for now and figure maybe getting a little more experience would probably be best. Baby steps like in “What About Bob”.

He also said that my radar mount was riveted into the mast and that for the type of aluminum the mast is that it should have been bolted in and that it’s very likely that it wouldn’t have happened under the same conditions it it was properly installed.  When it did happen it was a situation that I wasn’t really dependent on radar at the time so it wasn’t as big of a loss as it could have been.  If it happens again but is properly mounted and it doesn’t come down it could be in a situation where I really need it.  There’s a silver lining in everything I think and each day the longer I’m here the more I fall in love with the people, the climate, the wildlife, the scenery, the food and most importantly to take one day at a time and look forward to whatever new adventure or journey it may lead to. Peso continues to go up so my dollar goes further every time it does, I’ve added a link  on the column on the left side of the page for my current location’s weather forecast and if you check that out you can see that things are looking peachy down here right about now. And the best is yet to come!!! :p

Warm regards,




4 thoughts on “Job Opportunities

  1. Rhonda says:

    Marty, that could turn out way cool for you it didn’t fall through! Good things happen to good people!! Nice to hear you so happy and enjoying all things around you.


  2. Robby says:

    So Marty, If the Sailing Seaman job doesn’t pan out for you, I’ve heard say that your name is still on the SAP list at the mill. Sure would like to be working with you here again. Besides forget about the shrimp tacos and come back to the land of real BLT’s. Miss ya Man.


    • friedfish says:

      Miss you too Robby! Don’t miss the other stuff at all though! Come see me! I haven’t seen a McDonald’s here in San Jose but I’m almost positive they have one and if not Cabo San Lucas is only 14 miles away and I know they have one. Been cooking some pretty good BLT’s right here on the boat, but the camaron tacos are sooooooooo good! I see you’re working some OT! Hope you’re doing well! Warm regards my friend. Great hearing from you.


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