Dinner At The Drunken Sailor

After my picture taking session earlier in the day I came back to the boat and got my Spanish for Cruisers book out and started working especially hard on my Espanol common courtesies. Rhonda says I’m just trying to find out how to use my southern manners on them and she has nailed it!  I can see the reactions of surprise whenever I’ve been able to remember the proper phrases to be polite, considerate and ask how someone’s day was.  I really am falling in love with the Mexican culture.  The people that I’m somewhat kind of getting to know here in San Jose del Cabo are just like all of the other warm, genuine, family orientated fun loving Mexicans I’ve met all along my journey.  I believe this whole experience being good or bad depends on me becoming somewhat bilingual. Now that I’ve got the boat in pretty good order I have a lot of boring time I have to kill. It really sucks, lemme tell you.  The good part is it gives me a lot of time to study. The only Spanish I ever took was 1 semester in the 9th grade and it has shocked me how much that has helped just knowing those basic phrases I learned there. But sitting out back in the boat surrounded by these beautiful turquoise colored waters, with the sun glistening off of it, numerous varieties of seabirds flying around, hawks riding thermal rises which requires them to never have to flap their wings, while beautiful palm trees and palms and numerous varieties of cacti decorate the landscape is a pretty nice setting to study in. So I don’t think this will be a problem.

There was still one known shrimp (camaron) taco place that I hadn’t tried yet and that was where the quest for THE king of camaron tacos continued. Anybody that really knows me knows that when I find something I like to eat, I will eat it for a fairly long duration until I’m sick of it for some time to come.  I know I’m not the only one.  The good thing about being on the move like I am, I’m not in one place long enough to get burned out on it.  So off I went to The Drunken Sailor.

The staff was super friendly! One of the waiters was born in Brazil, had lived in Vancouver, BC for 17 yrs and had just moved to San Jose del Cabo a year ago. I had several phrases that I wanted to practice and he and the two waitresses were really helpful. The book I’m using, Spanish for Cruisers to learn most of my Spanish was given to me by Nick Lee, a single hander I met in Ensenada and I’m so grateful he did because it really is going to be a lifesaver. It so helpful the way it is laid out and the way it presents the pronunciations. I have to use the phrases numerous times and more importantly find someone to verify my pronunciation before I really start to retain them. so I really appreciate it when I can find someone to practice with. I’m finding that not everyone wants to give spanish lessons though. That’s why it’s so good to find someone who will take the time to help and I really appreciate it. Usually the ones that are helpful are bilingual and understand your predicament or the others know some English but want to learn more and need to practice and check their pronunciation as well so it’s win/win.  A few of the phrases I’ve been working on are muy amable (very kind of you) and le agradezco mucho (I really appreciate it), disculpe la molestia (sorry to bother you) and they gave me pretty good marks but I messed up on muy amable.

After dinner I had planned to walk to the local Oxxo.  It’s basically a 7/11, except the prices are 20-40% cheaper than the states on most items! When they had bagged up my things and I was headed out, they called me back because they hadn’t bagged and given me a couple of items and I replied without having to really think about it muy amable! Felt pretty good about that!  Pictures from the walk back below on an absolutely stunning evening.

Not really sure what’s happening tomorrow but know if it’s been anything like the past week, it’s going to be good.  I’m narrowing down the competition for the best camaron taco so that’s factoring in somewhere.  Night!


2 thoughts on “Dinner At The Drunken Sailor

  1. Lisa Dunlow says:

    And I know him just as good as anybody and when he says he gets hooked on something he likes he means it. When he comes home to sc he eats fried shrimp mostly every night.
    I have so Injoyed keeping up with his journal when I come home at night and I have had a hard day at the factory as our father use to say, it’s so exciting to see how much he has taken in to this new journey and to see his pictures and to listen to him tell this story is like a warmth of knowing he is finally happy and living finally the first time in all the years I have known him. Goes to show you never give up on your dreams.
    See you back here Tommrow night 🌞🛥


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