It’s Too Hot And Too Dry!!

It’s 87 with 15% humidity and I’m miserable! Just kidding! I love it!!  Took a walk down to the beach today and took some photos.  The first gallery are sculptures from the artist Leonora Carrington that I mentioned before. They are very unique and interesting to say the least. The link to her name on this page is her Wiki bio.  Her life is quite a story and she was one of the founding members of the Women’s Liberation Movement in Mexico during the 1970s.

The next gallery is of pictures heading out to the beach. I think I stated in an earlier post that the Puerto Los Cabos Cross was by Leonora Carrington but on further review it was done by the artist Gabriel Macotela just to keep the record straight. You can see it in the background of the last picture in the next gallery with Carolee and Jay’s 88 Norseman 400.

I got certified diving in Hawaii in 98 but that has long expired so I’m considering having Greg get me recertified seeing as how I’m in “The Aquarium of the World”.  An ex Navy Seal seems like a pretty good guy to get training from.

Going out in pursuit of another variety of the almighty camaron taco at the Drunken Sailor later on this evening and will probably take the bus into town for supplies tomorrow. Hope all is well in the PNW.
Warm regards literally and figuratively!

2 thoughts on “It’s Too Hot And Too Dry!!

  1. Lisa Dunlow says:

    I am so very jealous here in eastern Carolina where within the last 24 hours we have gone from freezing rain temps in the 20’s to 48 and thunderstorms and back to snow the following day and then you have the nerve to post the most beautiful scenery, just note you are killing me I so want to hop on a plane the next flight I could get and say see y’all Carolina peeps in the spring but that’s wishful thinking. Can’t tell you brother how happy I am for you. You are one amazing individual and I admire your journey. See you soon I hope


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