Taking The Bus To Get Groceries

Started getting low on supplies so I headed back into town once again which requires me to navigate all that is new and in Espanol.  I know where to get on the bus and I know where to get off the bus and that in that location I can get groceries, exchange greenbacks for pesos and can eat at a Subway. Passed on the Subway since last time it cost me about $7 us and I’m gonna save my peso’s for these guys below.  It’s like food pornography for the mouth!!


The best camaron tacos yet!!

Ok enough about the shrimp tacos……mmmmmmm.

I headed up and sat down on the side of the road and waited for the bus to come along. I thought I had the whole routine down and I had timed my trip for around 1pm thinking I’d miss the crowd.  The last time the fare was 10 pesos, this time I gave the bus driver 10 pesos but I could tell it wasn’t the right amount but the bus driver told me to go ahead figuring it was easier than us trying to habla things out.  There was standing room only so I walked to the back and grabbed hold of the hand rails and off we went.  As we were going along I noticed that the fare was 12.50 so at the next stop I went up and offered the driver 20 pesos to make up for my shortcoming but he impatiently waved me off. The ride takes about 15-20 minutes. There were a lot of children on board and I swear they are some of the cutest little kids I’ve ever seen. Getting off the bus at my stop I told the bus driver muy amable (very kind of you) and I finally got a positive reaction.

The last time I went to town I tried to exchange money at the bank, they told me I needed my passport. This time I was fully prepared! Navigated the take a number machine and got to practice a little of my Espanol with an english speaking assistant. He helped me understand that when my number was called I was to go to the teller window displayed with the number which I did. There was a tremendous communication gap between myself and the teller but I did successfully exchange $200 us for $3,360 pesos at an exchange rate of 16.8.  This is an area I’m going to have to learn more about because the current market rate is 18.5 which would make my dollar go a little further.

Off to Soriana’s I went to get eggs (unrefrigerated which will last a long time if they are never refrigerated). Go figure! I also needed bread, bacon, veggies and a few household items like clothes pins. I’ll try and take pictures of the grocery store next time but I was so focused on finding all the items I was looking for and trying to find things I might not have seen last time that I didn’t even think of it. The fruits and vegetables look so good and are really inexpensive.  Once again a quart container of pre cut pineapple, papaya and watermelon is $2 us! I was going to buy some shrimp to fry up but by my calculations it was $10/lb. Have to research that again because it seems really high. I got everything I needed and headed back to the bus stop. I saw a couple of taxi’s and I enquired how much the fare was. They told me it was $12.50 us vs the 75 cent bus ride. I’m assuming I could have negotiated that but also sure I’d have never come anywhere near the bus fare. Off to the bus I headed. I had to wait for about 20 minutes but that’s the price I pay for learning to be more economically efficient.

I received a text from Greg, the guy replacing my radar on the ride back. Him and the marina had not come to an agreement so as it stood he wasn’t allowed to come into the marina and do the necessary work. He requested that I go talk to them which I had been planning on doing if it got to this point.  I headed up to the office and requested a meeting with Enrique the marina manager.  The secretary asked me what it was in regards to and I told her that when I came into the marina they had recommended him and even given me his card. She admitted they may have made a mistake, which I replied was going to cost me around $700 us if things stood as they were.  If you haven’t read the previous post they want him to pay a 25% commission for any work he does in the marina which would have added $500-700 onto my bill. She went and talked to Enrique and though he wouldn’t meet with me did acquiesce and allow Greg to do the work in the marina. Otherwise it was anchoring out in the open ocean with a guy 40′ up in the air with the mast swinging to and fro trying to mount and install my radar. Obviously not a good situation so I’m pretty happy about that. It was only 76 for a high, 59 for a low and partially cloudy so it’s kind of cooled down a bit. It really sucks but I’m trying to stay positive!! The forecast actually said there was a .04 chance of rain tomorrow and I see it has risen to 1% so there’s another emotional blow I have to deal with but I’m a positive guy and I’m sure I’ll get through it somehow. 😉

Warm regards literally and figuratively!

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