Lunch At La Marina Inn

A boat pulled in one slip over a couple of days and I didn’t see anybody for a couple of days but I was walking back from a trip I had made to meet Greg, the guy replacing my radar and he wanted to show me his home.  He’s renting a place right on the ocean for $1100 us a month.  I really should have taken pictures of it because it was large and open and they had done a beautiful job of decorating it, but I forgot. He has a garden that he’s planted in the back that was thriving.  It had obviously been planted 2 or 3 weeks earlier in the middle of January if that tells you anything.  He has a lovely wife Mary and they live there with their 6 month old daughter Cassandra and Mary’s Mother lives there as well. We had planned on him to work on my radar but the wind was howling out of the north and the boat was rocking pretty good so we’re waiting for a better window.

He had work to do so he dropped me off at the marina and on the way back to the boat I see the guy out doing some work on his boat the slip over and I walked up and introduced myself. His name is Jeff and he’s 67 yrs old and had just sailed from San Diego, anchored off of Cabo the morning before he sailed into San Jose.  Greg has a prosthesis on his right hand up to the elbow. His boat is an older boat but he has customized it to accommodate his prothesis.  Jeff has been sailing for over 20 yrs an it’s obvious he knows his stuff.  We got tot talking and we were both getting hungry so we headed up to the La Marina Inn which is a restaurant/motel in this beautiful setting that I had had my first meal with Carolee and Jay. Unfortunately, they had built the large white La Gonzo hotel directly in front and it completely blocked the view of the ocean. This had to be a truly idyllic setting prior to the hotel.  It still has a great atmosphere, the food is delicious and the staff is super friendly and courteous. We both had green chile, chicken & cheese enchiladas that was delicious.  $21 us with tip, not cheap but once again the presentation of the food was beautiful and the food was delicious.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture before I destroyed it.

We ate and left and walked out to where the charter boats bring the customers in to hang the fish they’ve caught so the customers can get a picture with their catch and get their catch cleaned and filleted.  A couple from Portland, OR had about a 30-35  lb yellowfin tuna and about a 25 lb dorado.  They had way too small of a cooler to keep all the fish in and there just wasn’t any room.  Jeff and I were hoping to get a good deal on 4 or 5 lbs of fresh yellowtail but the guy was worried about getting market price even though they had way more than they could fit into the cooler and eat. I have no idea what became of all the leftovers but we didn’t wait around.  On the walk back down we saw 2 other groups coming in with fish but one had a small bottom fish and a couple of triggers and the other was a lady with a small dorado.

After our walk we headed back to our boats.  Jeff is really knowledgable and he asked me if I’d be interested in crewing for him on a trip to Mazatlan.  We would head north to Frailes Bay which is a 5 hr sail north and a beautiful frequent stopover to break up the trip to La Paz drop the anchor and spend the night. The next day we would sail to Los Barriles Bay another 5 hr sail north and spend the night there as well.  The next day we would make the 2 1/2 day crossing to Mazatlan.  The reason Jeff likes to do it this way is because it’s a better angle to the wind and swell and would make up for the extra days sailing in comfort and speed going downwind as opposed to upwind.  I seriously considered it but my radar installation is supposed to begin on Saturday weather permitting and I want to be here while that’s being done.  Jeff’s main reason for going to Mazatlan is that on Feb 2 they have the 3rd largest carnival in the world according to him.  One of the guys working on boat next to me the last couple of weeks that I’ve befriended, Miguel made the comment that carnival in Mazatlan could be dangerous.  So factoring that into the equation and the radar installation and that there is one period where there is the potential for 35 kt winds on our crossing from Baja to Mazatlan think I’m going to pass. I think these kinds of opportunities are going to be available more than I had anticipated.  He’s very experienced and I know how much I could learn from him but the timing just doesn’t seem right.  Mr Steve (The Puffer) Pierson is heading down to Cabo on Feb 4 and I really don’t want to miss the opportunity to see someone from home.  The Puffer and fRiEdfiSh do Cabo!  I know from past experiences with Steve that this will be an adventure I don’t want to miss.  Really looking forward to it!!  Until next time………..

2 thoughts on “Lunch At La Marina Inn

  1. Rhonda says:

    That cute little chica on the end of the skweegy looks like she ate the whole butterball turkey! lol


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