Zone-tailed Hawks

I have seen these guys all over the place around the marina. Usually they are riding the winds that are usually a constant here being so close to the ocean. I’ve seen them down by the beach and I knew they were some kind of hawk. Today there was a wind blowing from the south up the face of the bluff that the Puerto Los Cabo Cross sits upon and as I was sitting out back eating a tuna fish sandwich I looked up the hill and saw these guys and a couple of more that weren’t in frame riding the thermals that were being generated. I found a good website that lists a lot of the birds of Baja. There’s a list and a pretty cool story about the guy that wrote the article. I’m almost positive after looking it up that this is indeed the Zone-tailed hawk. How fun that must be to open your arms and glide for what must seem like forever.


Zone-tailed hawks


Zone-tail hawks riding the thermals near Puerto Los Cabo Cross

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