Next Stop Bahia Los Frailes

Well my stay here in Puerto Los Cabos is coming to a close and the countdown has begun. I plan to leave here on Feb 11, weather permitting and head to Bahia Los Frailes and spend a couple of nights. It’s a popular and commonly used anchorage to break up the trip up from the south like Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo. It’s only about 7 hrs to motor/sail from here at San Jose del Cabo. Pirated the pictures from Google Earth but will get my own and post when I find service. Here’s the route and waypoints I plan to take.

File Feb 03, 7 50 10 PM

Route from San Jose del Cabo to Bahia Los Frailes

Los Frailes

Anchorage is the in the north part of the bay

Los Frailes1

North end of Bahia Los Frailes. Looks like some good snorkeling along the rocks there!

Once making the turn north, the Sea of Cortez weather starts dominating and effects from the Pacific start to diminish. The winds commonly come out of the north so you are sailing into weather and swell.  Swell isn’t often large in the Sea of Cortez but they can be 2-6′ and with fast intervals which usually makes for an uncomfortable ride.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen conditions like this in Desi so it will be a new learning experience and I’m anxious to see how she performs. As we get closer to spring I’ve read where the winds are so light that 80% of the time you have to motor to get to where you want to go.

After a couple of days or so I’ll pull the hook and head north about 12 hrs or 48 nm destined for another common stop the Bahia de los Muertos or Bay of the Dead. Developers refer to it as Bahia de los Sueños Bay of Dreams. What’s in a name?!? I’ll have to get up early if I want to get up there by dark. Much easier anchoring when you can see naturally. I’m pretty sure I’ll stay here for a day or two or three.

File Feb 03, 10 48 06 PM

Route from Los Frailes to Bahia de los Muertos

Bahia de los Muertos

Bahia de Los Muertos or Bay of the Dead. Anchorage also up in the north part of the bay

Bahia de los Muertos1

Anchorage at Bahia de Los Muertos picture pirated from Google Maps

It’s 60 nm or about 15 hrs depending on winds to get to La Paz so not quite sure how I’m going to approach that. The Isla Ceralvo is just to the north once I leave and if you pass on the mainland side there is a chance of strong currents and winds funneling between the island and mainland. Apparently dusk and dawn are good times to go through before the winds pick up in the afternoon but I’ll have to do some more reading and decide the best route.  I’m pretty sure I’ll head to Puerto Balandra and spend a night or two depending on conditions and then head to La Paz which is only 12 nm away but the entrance to the bay requires being on full alert as there is a well narrow channel that goes between long points that come out from both sides. La Paz sounds really nice and laid back and I’m planning on spending 3 or 4 days in a marina there so I can familiarize myself with all the places I’ll need to keep supplied when I come in hopefully a couple of times a month, take care of business via wifi, establish somewhere to receive mail and hopefully pick up a friend or two from time to time. As I stated earlier though I’m just taking it one day at a time. I do anticipate this being a much easier trip than the ride down from Ensenada as none of the legs will require sailing through the night.

Still have the radar to get installed hopefully this Friday or Saturday, work on getting the boat back in sailing shape storing all the things I’ve pulled out being in the calmness of the marina and a trip to the Mega Store to get supplies topped back off.

Steve is coming in tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to seeing him. He’s been coming down since 1995 so I know I can learn a lot from him and it’ll be good to see my first friend from home since being stateside in November.

One thought on “Next Stop Bahia Los Frailes

  1. George says:

    Sounds great! Just remember charts for Mexico are based on very old surveys; use other nav tools in addition to your chart plotter! Have fun!


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