Sunset San Jose del Cabo Style

It’s actually been cloudy the last couple of days and it even “rained” today!! Here’s the sunset as the clouds were clearing off making way for mid 80’s to low 60’s forecast for the next week or so. A couple of guys that work on the boats on the dock said the clouds were unusual. I just looked at them with that deer in the headlights look.IMG_0077

Boat preparation continues and tomorrow I’m off to Mega to provision for the trip up to La Paz which should be anywhere from 4-7 days. Depends on how long I stay at each anchorage and what Mother Nature has to say about things. I should be able to finally get a picture of Desi sitting in a setting of some sort that I’ve been dreaming of since day one. Hope to head out no later than Thursday but one day at a time. I’m really getting excited about heading out and experiencing the Sea of Cortez.  Until next time.  Cuidate!

2 thoughts on “Sunset San Jose del Cabo Style

  1. Bob says:

    have fun lucky dawg


  2. friedfish says:

    Get your old hound dawg self healed up and get down here and join me!! I need crew!!


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