Daytripping On Shameless

Went out on Carolee and Jay’s boat Shameless today. Jay threw out the hand lines and one rod and reel in hope of catching something tasty for dinner but that didn’t happen. When we first got out, in the distance we could see birds diving in the water feeding on baitfish and the charter boats running through the middle of them but that was all over and done with by the time we got close. Carolee whipped up a really good lunch and we spent about 3 hrs out on the water. It was a beautiful day and being out on the ocean with a 15 kt wind helped make the 94 degree day feel pretty mild. When we got back to the marina I had Jay hoist me up the mast to repair my flag halyard that I had pulled down trying to make it better. Don’t want the Mexican Navy boarding me for not having my Mexican courtesy flag flying! Still not sure if I’m leaving tomorrow or Monday. Leaning towards Monday but I don’t know yet. Great thing is it really doesn’t matter one way or the other!! I’m on Marty Mexican time now! Here’s some pictures of the coast from just off of San Jose del Cabo.


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