Camaron Tacos And A Walk Down By The Water

Continued walking around town down by the water after eating these puppies. I bought some new scuba fins and was trying to find a 3/4 wetsuit but they didn’t have my size. I can tell though that once I learn my way around I’ll be able to get everything I need here in La Paz. The city has a different feel to it than anywhere else I’ve been in Mexico. There were so many people out along the water. The murals that I’m seeing randomly here and there are so beautiful and intricate. I really love the Mexican art!  The church in the prior post was built in 1861. I’m going to go back with my better camera and get some more pictures. Tomorrow is going to be pretty chill I think. There’s an awesome private beach for the marina/resort I’m at and there’s a pool there as well. It was 90 degrees today to start with and no breeze. I never thought I’d see the day when I was glad for clouds and the breeze to roll in. More to come! Getting to the peachy part now!!

4 thoughts on “Camaron Tacos And A Walk Down By The Water

  1. Bob says:

    I sure hope you are having a great time, because from where I sit and to remind you its a balmy 42 degrees in downtown Longview. With one of the wettest winters. It looks very inviting in and warm in La Paz


  2. friedfish says:

    It was a bit on the toasty side yesterday! 90 and no wind. I’d never think I’d have been happy to see clouds and a breeze roll in 😉


  3. Jack says:

    MET, I’m enjoying following you on your journey! It Looks like you’ve become a veteran sailor in a relatively short tim and you’re doing it in tropical waters – all the better! BTW – I’m starting to get jealous!


  4. friedfish says:

    Hola Jack! Far from a veteran I assure you! Gaining confidence all the time though. And I really do think I’m almost to the part that I’ve been looking for this entire journey. Take care!


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