Radar Back In Action, New Address

I had gotten in contact with Will from Tech Mex last Friday to see about installing the radar that I had never been able to get installed in San Jose del Cabo. He was about 2 hrs late and I was starting to think here we go again!! He showed up though and 5 hrs later and $270 and I was radar enabled once again. Will is 60 yrs old and used to install cell towers back in BC until about 4 yrs ago. He’s a great guy and if you ever have any marine electronic needs in La Paz I’d highly recommend you get hold of him. For me it’s another thing off of the perpetual list!IMG_0374
I headed back into La Paz on Tuesday to check out the marinas to see which one  I wanted to move to next. Costa Baja was so far out of town and inconvenient having to take the shuttle back and forth. I decided on Marina Cortez which is located within walking distance of just about anything I should need. I need a 3/4 wetsuit, a national park permit, propane and lots of groceries. If weather is good I plan on leaving here next Thursday with a goal of staying out on the hook for 3 weeks. Below are some pics from my walk through La Paz. The people here have been so friendly and warm and many of them are as anxious to practice English as I am Spanish which is really helpful. I’m making progress slowly but surely.

I got off the shuttle and was walking down the street towards the marinas and having not eaten any breakfast I was looking for somewhere to grab a bite. Outside of this one building I saw a billboard outside that showed a list of breakfast items. In the middle of the building was a plaza and a small restaurant with one person at the bar, a lady at the grill and the waiter. I sat down as the only customer and he brought me a menu. I didn’t see the item that I had seen on the billboard so we walked out to the billboard and I showed him what I wanted which was basically scrambled eggs and refried beans. I’m not a big fan of chorizo so I got the ham and it was delicious for under $4. I know I’ve only scratched the surface of good food here and there will be many “blossoms for days to come” in the camida arena.

I’ve noticed numerous restaurants that I’ve walked by that have no customers what so ever. Just staff waiting for business. They were complaining of tourism being way off in San Jose del Cabo as well. At one restaurant I ate at the bus boy told me last year when he went to Cabo to visit his brother for Carnival that the businesses wanted to cater to only the foreigners, but things were so off this year that the same businesses were working hard to lure in the locals this time. Unbeknownst to me until recently there was a US State Dept warning for cartel activity issued last May and reissued Jan 2016 for La Paz. I’m pretty sure that explains it. I’ve heard of no violence towards tourist. Everyone I’ve talked to says it’s all drug and cartel related. There’s always a silver lining and it means that I can sit in these restaurants like I own the place and the businesses are happy to take my pesos!

Sorry the pictures of the fish are cloudy and not very clear but they are there and they are everywhere. This place is so alive with wildlife it’s almost unbelievable. I’m almost positive that when I come back from my exploration of Isla del Espiritu Santo and Isla Partida I’ll have some great underwater shots.

Walking around La Paz.

My view from Marina del la Cortez

6 thoughts on “Radar Back In Action, New Address

  1. George says:

    Experiencing Mexican standard time, I see! After seeing your radar story, i don’t feel so bad! In fact, makes me a bit proud to have installed it myself!
    I’m planning to do the HaHa in Nov, so maybe I’ll see you down there if you are still doing Mexico. How’s the hip?


    • friedfish says:

      Lol you should be proud! If I’m not mistaken you’re older than Will! I just read your blog a couple of days ago and saw you were planning on doing the Haha! Hips great thanks for asking. Thought of you everytime I anchored on the way up and was really proud when I over heard someone commenting on my oversized anchor! Hope all else is well with you!
      Warm regards mi amigo!


  2. Bart Nutt says:

    I heard you retired from the rat race and went sailing. Congrats with great admiration for your bravery. Whittall gave me your blog and I was not disappointed in the photos.
    Very awesome and excited to be a very small part in all your adventures
    Will always say a prayer for calm seas and kind winds.


    • friedfish says:

      Bart! So good to hear from you! Very brave or very stupid?!? I’ll get back to you on that 😉 Thanks so much for the kind words and wishes. Hope you, Vicky and the boys are all doing well.

      Warm regards,


  3. Rhonda says:

    Hola amigo. Love the looks of those tacos! Our son is up here for din din tonight. You are gonna have a blast on that island and we are looking forward to the pictures.


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