Blossoms Of Days To Come

That’s what I’m hoping for anyways :p That’s a line from a song by Bonobo called Days To Come if you were wondering. Great song too! Check it out! It also has a line I love that says “hope is a Phoenix building wings to fly”. Gotta love the Phoenix rising from the ashes to soar once again!

Every other time I’ve been about to leave port I’ve had this uneasy feeling like a monkey on my back. It’s fear as much as I try not to admit it. I’m not feeling that this time. For one thing this trip shouldn’t have the difficulty level that the others have. Knowing there are numerous anchorages available and no crazy El Nino winds for the near future and that has a lot to do with it too I’m sure. Not to mention I’ve done all of this now several times and I’m not nearly as intimidated as I was before.

I’m in such an odd place in my life as I guess many of you could imagine right now. I’m still not completely comfortable in my new environment. Coming from a life of 36 years that I had my shift schedule plugged into my phone that ran out to eternity and being able to tell you where and what I was going to be doing for the most part for months if not years ahead versus not knowing where I’ll be beyond the next couple of weeks is something I’m still learning to wrap my mind around. Toss in walking around an unfamiliar town not really knowing anyone, walking into a grocery store and not being able to understand all the labels and not having a very good grasp of the language and I think you can probably imagine to some degree. I say once again…….. I wanted different! I know it will get better though. Almost everytime I go out I have a positive experience with a waiter, or a cab driver or even in a minute mark. It’s like finding a treasure to make a connection with someone from an entirely different culture that you don’t even speak the same language. Yet there is still a genuine connection and it’s one of the best parts of all of this. I went to Walmart for provisions and the people in store were so helpful and thanks to Google Translate I can usually find the word to help understand what I’m looking for. One lady that works there that didn’t speak english was smiling and more than willing and she helped me find vinegar after I looked up the translation on Google and then she saw me later with that deer in the headlight look while I was trying to find relish and we made eye contact and she was smiling and I got the impression she wanted to help, so I tapped out pickles on Google and she happily lead me to where the pepinillos were and right beside them was my beloved relish. The taxi driver that drove me there was a real friendly guy and wanted to work on his english. He gave me his handwritten business card so I now have a taxi at my disposal. Taxi rates are pretty reasonable here in La Paz. In San Jose Del Cabo they were pretty steep. La Paz just doesn’t feel like a tourist trap like the other places did.A good friend said to me the other day that basically I’m a nomad now and it’s true. I think this trip is going to go a long ways towards making me feel more comfortable. I know I’ve had enough of marinas which are basically like campgrounds and that was not what I’ve been looking for. It may sound like I’m whining but it’s more that at this point everything is so new and different and yet almost every time I go out on a mission in town it’s a positive experience in one way or another.

The most enjoyable part for me so far was spending the extra night anchored at Bahia de la Muertos. And that is what I’ll be doing for the next 2-3 weeks. Anchored every night in some pristine beautiful tropical paradise surrounded by turquoise colored water filled with an unimaginable amount of wildlife above and below the water. I’m far from isolated and I’m sure many of the bays I stay in will have other boats in them but I’m also optimistic that I’ll be able to find a bay or two here and there all to myself. There are so many places I can go within a day of sailing or motoring and I’m really excited to get intimate with Isla del Espiritu Santo and Isla Partida. I may even get as far north as Isla San Francisquito and Isla San José. Isla San Francisquito is famous for being able to swim with the seals and that sounds pretty enticing. As I said earlier, I’m hoping to be out for 3 weeks. I know I’ve got enough supplies to last for 2 no problem so this will be really beneficial for learning how to provision for long outings. I’m sure I’ll take lot’s of pictures and I’m going to try and keep a journal but only time will tell how that goes. In any event I’ll be leaving around 10 Thursday morning so this will be my last entry for a couple of weeks unless I see something cool on the way out and still have cellular. I’ll tell you all about it when I get back!

Evening after some home made fresh shrimp fried rice


Some pictures from my last walk along the boardwalk this trip.

Until next time……… Adios!

4 thoughts on “Blossoms Of Days To Come

  1. Ken Bruce says:

    Three weeks without a post. I’m going to miss you.


    • friedfish says:

      Missed you too man! I was checking out your lovely family on your Google+ page. I’m jealous. I have this burning desire to sing with you right now for some reason 😉


  2. Jeff Marcil says:

    I too will be waiting for the next update in your travels. Stay safe man. But have fun!


  3. friedfish says:

    Jeff I was playing with my dinghy so much you’d be proud!!


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