Bahia San Gabriel

Got up early, as is the norm anymore and finished preparing the boat for being at sea. Winds were calm as I made my way out of the marina and out of the channel that leads in and out of La Paz. My plans were to cruise by and possible stop at each of the bays at Isla Espíritu Santo. The wind picked up and I hauled the sails out and sailed most of the 2 hrs to Bahia San Gabriel. It’s one of the furthest anchorages south on the Isla Espíritu Santo. There was no one there so I figured I’d call it my own and dropped the hook. It was really a warm beautiful day and winds were light. Once I got the anchor set, I lowered the dinghy and dove in the water and swam around the boat. The water felt perfect! Most of the day was spent getting more familiar with my new snorkeling gear, climbing in and out of the dinghy to make sure I could do it if I was snorkeling and anchored in deep water as well as just motoring around in the dinghy. I really hadn’t spent much time in the dinghy up to this point. I’m really cautious about pretty much everything I do when I’m out on the water since there is no one to help me if I get in trouble. Fracturing my hip back in October was a timely lesson well learned.
Eventually a couple of other boats joined me and I sat up on the cockpit and watched a beautiful sunset as the day faded away to dark. It was a moonless night so there were infinite stars to behold. I could still see the lights from La Paz since I was only about 15 nm away. I’ve gotten to where I go to bed not long after sunset and I’m up usually before sunrise. I didn’t sleep that good because as I mentioned earlier my fear of breaking free during the night and drifting into shore or anywhere that I’m not aware of for that matter. I did sleep, I just woke up a lot.
The next morning the wind was blowing me away from the shore as is desired, but the waves were coming from the opposite direction. When the small waves at short intervals hit the back of the stern square it makes a loud lapping sound that has a lot of echo to it because that part of the boat is very open. It’s right where I sleep and that’s what woke me up. I cooked some breakfast, pulled the anchor and headed north to explore more.


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