Mangle Solo

I finally felt rested up and ready to move on and March 14th I left the beautiful little town of San Evaristo. Winds were coming out of the east and Mangle Solo is a western anchorage on the Isla San Jose, so I pulled in to hopefully be in calm and warm enough conditions to get into the water. That wasn’t to be the case though.

Here again was a small group of fisherman living on the island.IMG_0635IMG_0637

It was fairly breezy so I stayed out of the water and just took in the sights. There were hawks all over the place as were the frigates. I can honestly say I’ve spent literally hours watching the birds. The frigates, the hawks and the pelicans will on a regular basis just ride the winds hardly ever flapping a beat. If I can’t be a dolphin I’d like to be a frigate, a hawk or a pelican in my next life. It must be an amazing feeling to spread your “arms” and rise up into the sky and ride the winds for hours on end.

Another interesting site was a herd of assumedly wild goats on the island. I’ve yet to see any kind of range fence.IMG_0651

Something I found even more interesting were these small little diving birds that I had seen from time to time earlier along the way. This was the largest concentration of them that I had seen though. They never get very close to the boat and it’s the funniest thing because one or more of them will start diving under the water with the greatest enthusiasm and then rapidly almost all of them are gone. I would love to know the name of the species but I’ve yet to identify them. Here’s a couple of short videos of the cute little things. That’s my beloved watermaker making all the racket in the background. It’s a necessary evil that frees me from having to buy, store and tote water.

At a couple of anchorages that I had stopped at on the way up there were always a couple of bees flying around. A couple had drowned in cups of iced tea that I had out. It seemed obvious to me that they were seeking water. I’ve read recently that bees are having a hard time in the world so I thought I’d help the little guys out by putting a bowl out with water and a paper towel in it for them to land on. I was feeling pretty good about my contribution to nature for awhile. Everytime I’d go up and look there would be 3 or 4 in the bowl drinking until their bellies could hold no more. I was quite a way off shore and the wind was pretty gusty and I couldn’t help but admire their tenacity to overcome such an obstacle and consistently find their way back. Well after several hours it turned into a bee water drinking orgy. I removed the water bowl and closed the boat up. There were bees coming in like crazy. I should have taken a picture but alas I have failed once again in accurately documenting these experiences. It was going to be dark soon and fortunately bees aren’t nocturnal so the issue of too many bees resolved itself on it’s on with no bees killed in the process. None the less below is a picture of the beginning of the end. It was suggested to me by another couple to put a wet washrag on the bow of the boat and they will stay up out of the way so this will be my next strategy.IMG_0667

Starting to get out of hand!


A view looking north


I awoke early the next morning to the sound of manta rays jumping and crashing into the water. I had 2 destinations I was considering the next day so I cooked breakfast, pulled anchor and headed north.



3 thoughts on “Mangle Solo

  1. Bob says:

    cool observation about the bees. You might be able to get a grant to study dehydrated bees and help say the world.


  2. Bob says:

    Save the world


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