San Evaristo Parte Dos

After not sleeping good for so many nights, worried about that darn anchor dragging, I was really tired and decided I was going to stay in San Evaristo until I had rested up and the winds decreased. And did I mention it was free?!!? The temperature had cooled down to highs in the low 70’s most days but there was a persistent 10-15kt breeze blowing for several days afterwards and it never reached the high temperature limit I need in order to get into the water. There were occasions where it would die off completely for a few hours. On one of the these first afternoons I was on deck and started seeing these pelicans working a school of baitfish as a team. I love the pelicans! They are such a big graceful bird when in the air and when on land that big old saxophone looking beak. I’ve heard them referred to by Mexicans in Ensenada as the Mexican Air Force. At times they glide by themselves or in formation just barely above the water and it is the coolest thing to watch because they hardly ever have to flap their wings. The next morning another guy came up in a sea kayak and when I was looking down on him from my boat I could see this massive school of fish. Mark I think his name was……… said it was mullet and I’m assuming this is what the pelicans were feeding on. Excuse the video as I say, I’m learning.

After a couple of days I kept looking at the northernmost bay and moved there for my last 4 days in San Evaristo. I even made my first boat to land excursion.

I can’t help when I’m out there thinking that at one time Spaniards had to have been crawling all over this place. At first Baja was thought to be an island. Cortez sent 3 ships up into the Sea of Cortez and were never heard from again. I kind of wish I had a metal detector to look for gold pieces! I can’t help but think of the history of this place when I sit for days just looking and thinking. Some of these mountain ranges are thousands of feet high and the sea in many places is over 1,000 ft deep. It’s truly spectacular and I can’t stress what a great pleasure it is to have the time to really sit and take it all in in it’s entirety. IMG_0629

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