Reunited Again With Pork And Beans


My good friends Carolee and Jay arrived from Bahia de Los Muertos on Saturday I think it was. These daze down here really are starting to run together! I was tickled pink that they ended up in the slip right next to me here at Marina Cortez! Carolee gave me a lesson on pressure cookers tonight with a pork roast, beans and potatoes. I put the stuff in as she directed and it turned out pretty tasty. Carolee is a wonderful cook and has been so kind to bless me numerous times with samples or whole meals from her wide array of specialties! It’s been great catching up with them. We are all on such parallel yet tangent paths. Continuing to progress to become more proficient and more comfortable with the new lifestyles we’ve chosen.  I would struggle to put into words the transformation necessary to get to where I am today.  I feel like I’ve made it over the hump though and that’s such a good feeling because I’m here to tell you it felt like a pretty darn big hump at times to start with. 
Carolee and Jay are here and I’m sure we’ll be heading out to the islands in the not too distant future. I’ll be here another couple of weeks before heading out as I’ve got a few small repairs I’m getting taken care of and I just love La Paz! The people are so warm, genuine and kind, the food with it’s limitless variety and oh so delisioso flavors, the constant sunshine, blue skies and clear starry moonlit nights, bountiful wildlife with seemingly infinite different species! Toss in good friends and people I’ve met and it really does feel like being in paradise.  Until next time!

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