Heading North Again

After a month, my stay in La Paz is coming to an end for now. Heading out on Friday for destinations unknown to the North. I’ve really enjoyed my time here in La Paz once again! By the way La Paz translates to The Peace and for a town of almost 300 thousand it really is peaceful.

I’ve reunited with good friends Carolee and Jay, met lot’s of new friends, ate some of the best food I’ve ever had in my life and I’ve gotten several major issues taken care of on the boat. La vida es buena!! Life is good!

I’ve also taken on crew member! Meet Thibault (Tebo) Aussourd.20160413_094448.jpg

A 27 yr old from Lyon, France with a degree in mechanical engineering and a masters degree in fluid mechanics. He arrived in Montreal in September after getting fed up with the daily grind of a normal job in France. He  worked his way across the US into Mexico. I met him through Howard of Ravens Dance. You may remember I helped Howard change an oil cooler on his boat a while back. Howard was up in Puerto Escondido and Tebo was looking for a ride south so he came down to La Paz with them.  He was originally trying to catch a ride to mainland Mexico and Howard was leaving on his way back to Seattle, so I let Tebo stay with me a couple of nights. After seeing how well we get along I asked him if he was interested in heading back up north to do some island hopping. He was never able to find a ride to the mainland and he’s decided to come along. One of his favorite sayings is “why not?!?” so that settled that! There is a female single hander gathering in San Evaristo on April 21 so I have a feeling that we will end up there about then. I’ve yet to run into any female single handers so it should be interesting! We went and loaded up with groceries today and have a few other small things to take care of tomorrow before departing around noon. It will be really nice to have someone along to share the load and the experiences with. Tentatively planning on being gone about 3 weeks and getting as far as Lareto, but we’ll just have to see what the tide washes in.

We are discussing the possibility of when we return to La Paz of sailing to mainland Mexico and working our way to Costa Rica. I’d take the boat out of the water and stay with my friend Angela’s friend in Playa Hermosa to ride out the hurricane season and Tebo would head to Peru where he is supposed to meet a friend. It’s just a thought for now so only time will tell but it has a very alluring appeal to it! Hasta luego mi hermanas and hermanos!20160411_150705.jpg



6 thoughts on “Heading North Again

  1. George says:

    Sounds like Tebo could be a great asset. Bon chance (buena suerte) amigo!


  2. Lou says:

    man it sounds like you got it dialed


    • friedfish says:

      Lou my good friend! So good to hear from you! Far from dialed in but getting more experience with the dialing part all the time. Warm regards 😄


  3. Ken Bruce says:

    Mechanical Engineers are the best.


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