No Matter Where You Go, There You Are

Hola from San Blas! I know, I know!! A funny thing happened the day we were going to head up north. A guy I had actually met in Ventura was in a slip adjacent to me in La Paz and I had told him of our plans of heading north and then heading to Costa Rica on our return. He mentioned that if we took 3 weeks up north that we would really be pushing it to get south before hurricane season. At first I went back to plan A, or was it B or C of heading up north to San Carlos and hauling the boat out and flying to Costa Rica. We sailed the 2 hrs to Bahia San Gabriel which was the first anchorage I had stayed at on my last trip north. In the back of mind I was marinating on the idea of not heading north and going south instead. We spent 2 nights at Bahia San Gabriel and at the end of the first day I checked the weather for the passage across and conditions looked really good. I discussed it with Thibault and his response was “Why not?!?!” and that sealed the deal. We got up the next morning, pulled the anchor and off we went. We had some of the best sailing I’ve had so far with consistent 15 kt winds for about 14 hrs and then the wind dropped off and we ended up having to motor the rest of the way. Mazatlan was our initial destination but for some reason I just had this feeling that told me not to go there. Puerto Vallarta was where I was thinking we would head instead but we would have arrived just after dark and I really didn’t want to wait all night outside of the bay until morning to enter PV. Entering unfamiliar harbors in the dark can be very tricky so I whipped out my mainland Mexico cruising guide and found San Blas. It looked like a really interesting place and we arrived around 1 pm. The marina daily rate is $12 us!! Compare that to a daily rate of $75 a day in San Jose del Cabo and La Paz or a weekly or monthly rate for about $35 a day so it’s real deal here. San Blas is a small town with a population of 8,500, the marina only has about a dozen slips or so and it isn’t a tourist trap. Below are some pictures as we were approaching San Blas and entering the bay. As you can see from the pictures it’s just a tad bit more tropical looking than Baja.

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