First Trip Into La Cruz

It’s really starting to feel like the tropics. We crossed the Tropic of Cancer somewhere between La Paz and La Cruz and it’s evident from the lushness of the scenery and in the temperature and humidity. Really nice and cool (73 degrees, 72% humidity at 11 pm) this evening. I walked into town in pursuit of the cameron which is abundant here thanks to all the estuaries necessary for them to live. It’s my personal goal to kill as many of them as I possible due to my addictive personality and love of the tastes. I was rewarded with some of the best fried shrimp I’ve had yet. La Cruz is smaller than San Blas and though there is some influence by all the gringo’s from the marina it’s really not very noticeable once you get a short distance from the marina which is really nice because I really want to experience the real Mexico. San Blas was much the same and it’s so different from the tourist influenced places I’ve been so far.

One of the most amazing parts of the journey for me so far has been what a big hand fate has played along the way. If you remember Howard and I were the only 2 boats in a bay one night and the only communication we had was when I was leaving the next morning and he radioed me and asked if I was interested in teaming up for a trip up north. I was on the way south so it didn’t work out. A couple of days later I was looking on my AIS software to see if I could see Carolee and Jay coming up from San Jose del Cabo and I saw Howard’s boat in Marina de La Paz a couple of days after he was supposedly heading north. I walked over to meet him in person and met his crewmate Lisa in the process. He was having engine problems and I told him if he needed any help to give me a call. I went back to my boat and within the hour Lisa called and asked if I’d mind giving Howard a hand. I went over and spent 6 hrs helping him replace his oil cooler. He was leaving the next day to head north as he had originally planned. A couple of weeks later I walked to a swap meet with some friends I had met and ran into Lisa. She told me that Howard had been trying to reach me since they had arrived back in La Paz but he was having breakfast at a restaurant nearby so I walked over and found him and met Thibault. They had picked up Thibault up north and he was trying to find passage to mainland Mexico from La Paz. I was planning on heading back up north on Friday and Howard and Lisa were heading to San Diego on Tuesday. Thibault didn’t have a place to stay so I offered for him to stay with me until he could find a ride to the mainland or when I left on Friday. We really got along well and I asked him if he wanted to go up north as I have explained earlier. Had it not been for this chain of events I wouldn’t be where I am today. Another part that has played into this was meeting my beloved friend Angela about 10 yrs ago and now that connection enabling me to go live in Costa Rica on the water which I have to tell you is like a dream come true.

There have been so many instances I’ve experienced like this on my journey that I truly believe it is fate guiding me along the way. The people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had so far have been some of the most enriching I’ve ever had in life and I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever been happier. I wish the same to all of my friends and loved ones back home.

Going to the beach to go swimming today in 80+ degree water and then we are going to try the  first buffet in La Cruz that is opening today with a price of 80 pesos.

La vida es buena!!!

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