What A Day

Woke up this Sunday morning and after giving Desi a good bath, we headed down the beach in search of La Palapas where the buffet was. On the menu were omelettes, potatoes, refried beans, fresh fruit and flour tortillas fresh from the griddle. Both of us stuffed ourselves! I ran into Blanca the marina reservation manager in the restaurant and she told me there was a Sunday market on the malecon so we headed back down the beach to check that out. There were numerous booths set up selling food, art, coffee, clothing and numerous other items. There was a fresh fish market along the way and at the end there was a live band playing. There was quite a few people and it was a very festive atmosphere. By the time we got back to the boat it was really getting hot and we both ended up taking a short siesta. When we got up it was sweltering hot in the boat so we headed off to the beach. The water was a perfect temperature and we swam and laid out on the beach for a couple of hours.  After that we came back to the boat, changed clothes and headed into town for some food. We ended up eating at the Langosta Diez La Cruz restaurant which specializes in Italian food. Thibault got fresh fish with an almond sauce and I had shrimp fettuccine with an alfredo and pesto sauce. It was delicioso and we were both stuffed again! Afterwards, we headed out and it was quite apparent there was a parade about to take place so we waited around until that began. If you’ve never seen a Mexican parade I’m here to tell you it was quite a delight! I thought I had made a video on my phone but unfortunately I failed and I’m really disappointed because it was really fun watching how much everyone was enjoying themselves. The parade made it’s way to the central plaza and we had to work our way through it to get back to the boat.  I was so full and tired from our full day I hit the rack about 8 pm. At 5:40 am this morning I heard 4 large explosions. At first I thought it was one of the baffles in my dinghy exploding but it turned out to be someone launching fireworks, then at 6:30 am about 10 more went off. I have no clue what or why but I’m learning quickly that Mexico is full of unknown surprises. Today’s list is to get a new line for my main sail, to try and get my charts updated for my chart plotter, to check in with the Port Captain since we arrived on Saturday, the hull is going to be cleaned and hopefully find some new culinary delights. Departing La Cruz tomorrow and will probably head to a marina in Puerto Vallarta to get more provisions. We’ll spend one night there and then start working our way south again. Until next time!

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