Puerto Vallarta

After a short 3 hr motor we have arrived in Puerto Vallarta and are in Marina Vallarta. After checking into the marina we took a walk to find an ATM, a marine chandlery and our next comida (food) delight. First up was the comida which consisted of the complimentary tortilla chips, freshly made salsa and guacamole.  The main course was a thinly sliced grilled t-bone steak with boiled shrimp lathered in a mildly spicy red sauce. it was accompanied with rice, a fresh salad, a pitcher of a berry flavored juice followed by bananas in a honey sauce. Total costs, 130 pesos or about $7! I know I keep raving on the food but I’m not lying when I say it has superceded my expectations! The Mexicans know how to do food! We walked to an ATM and I reloaded with pesos then we headed to the chandlery.  The line that is used to deploy my main sail is slipping back in after the sail is fully out because the line was too small in the first place and has stretched making it smaller.  The chandlery here is a really big store and there’s a few other items I need to pick up as well. On the way back we found a place selling freshly made crepes and we both got a banana and strawberry crepe topped with Nutella! Once again I have this pleasure pain sensation in my belly.  I only took a few pictures that I’ve posted below but I intend to get more manana! We’ll be here at least a couple of nights and possibly more depending on weather.  Most boats have headed back North for hurricane season but we’re heading south so the marina is really empty right now. Should be better sleeping tonight because come to find out the La Cruz Patron Saint Celebration lasts 7 days. It’s also cloudy and a cool 77 with 84% humidity and a nice gentle breeze making it very comfortable.

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